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Monday, September 29, 2008

6 Weeks Old - We're getting fatter!

Okay, so we went back for a weight check this morning and we are getting fatter! Hailey gained 12 ounces in a week and Matt gained a whole pound! Yayayayayay!!! I'm so happy! We saw a different doctor today who was very impressed with their physical abilities and said that everything looked great. He thinks we should continue to supplement with the formula since it is working so well. My breastmilk production isn't really increasing like I thought it would (it's been a week since starting to introduce the Mother's Milk tea and pumping all the time), so the formula will continue to give them strength. The breastmilk will give them necessary antibodies, so I will continue that for a while. I couldn't be happier!

What else has been going on? Oh, Matthew smiled yesterday...a real smile! Granted, he hasn't done it since, but we got a bunch of good ones in there. It was so adorable...I just love him! Hailey is trying so hard to smile...she keeps looking like she's about to and then scrunches up her face instead! I can't wait until they're both smiling and looking happy. They are making all of these noises when they're eating now (probably b/c they're actually getting nutrients ;)) and they're so cute! Okay, enough gushing...

I have my first OB/GYN appointment this afternoon. I am going to bring the kids in for a little while to show the staff...they want to see them. Then Bill will bring them home while I have my appointment. I am going to ask about several things...the sciatica, the lingering pelvic pain, whether or not my abdominal muscles are separated, and birth control (I think I want an IUD...any thoughts?). I had to write all of that stuff down b/c my brain is fried and I don't want to forget anything. My belly is going down little by little...I still have this hang over part which is gross...I've never had that before, but what can I expect? It's only been 6 weeks, I'm not exercising, oh, and I was pregnant with twins for 38 weeks...duh!

Just wanted to thank my Mom for coming to visit this was great having you here and I know you enjoyed your time with the kids. Also, thanks for helping me at the doctor's office this morning...couldn't do it by myself! Okay, off to clean up a little bit before the cable guy gets here. Have a great day! I know I will as I continue to fatten up my babies!