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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Christina Applegate

I give her a lot of credit for coming forward and talking about breast couldn't have been easy since she had her double masectomy 5 weeks ago! Now we just need one of those other celebrities to come out and talk about infertility. Christina mentioned how insurance needs to step up...aren't so many women dealing with the same thing with infertility? 12 states will cover infertility? Ridiculous! Then we have people - famous people - who won't come out and say that they had treatments...what's the stigma? So, your body doesn't work like a "normal" woman...join the club, get your head out of your ass, and do something that will get noticed. Okay, my rant is over.

We're trying to get back to our routine today...last night was hell! After a visitor this weekend and just too many things (pediatrician, cable guy who made me get off my routine, and OB appointment) yesterday, the kids are having issues getting back into their routine. So, I had to cancel lunch and focus on getting them back to "normal." I can't have another night like last night. Apparently Bill and I had a conversation about how I would feed them last night and I had no recollection of that...gotta love sleep deprivation. So, I'm sitting there at 3 AM wondering why he's annoyed with me when he told me about our conversation...not even a glimmer of recognition! Oh well...with more sleep, maybe I'll remember speaking with my guarantees! I think I'll go wake the lovelies now...they've been sleeping for 2 hours...they're probably tired from being up all night last night! Baths tonight...I love bath nights. They're so cute when they're in the tub...they love it, but they hate to get's too cold!