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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Totally self-indulgent post

Things that I love:
1. When I can throw a shirt in the dryer rather than ironing it!
2. The noises that my babies make when they're trying to wake up.
3. The fact that my husband loads and unloads the dishwasher without ever being asked.
4. Fall...gotta love Fall.
5. My family for always being there for me and never judging me.
6. The text messages I get from my sister about the Today Show.
7. Unexpected gifts that come from UPS.
8. Giving baths to my babies...they just love them!
9. My engagement if I could only get my wedding ring to fit again!
10. Rotisserie chicken - is it ever bad?
11. Taking the babies for walks - good for me and gets them out of the house into a new environment.
12. The fact that my husband will get up at 2 AM to get bottles ready to supplement the babies...he works, so this is no easy feat, but he does it without complaining.
13. Owning a house...knowing which way the sun comes into the windows, being used to all of the noises, knowing where everything is, and knowing that no matter what I am safe...gotta love that security.
14. Target.
15. Little white ankle socks that don't show above the line of your sneaker. I have trouble finding them, but when I do, I buy in bulk!
16. My car
17. Realizing that my husband has been home from work for 1/2 an hour and going over to finally get a kiss and a hug. I love that! I wish I was more on the ball, but he gets home at "crazy time."
18. Blogging...really, I do love it.
19. Pedicures...there is nothing better than looking down at a freshly polished toe!
20. My shower
21. The beach...God, I miss living at the beach. I grew up on an island and lived at the beach for 3 years in my 20' I'm landlocked and having issues with it!
22. Planners...I like to see what's going on!
23. Stella
24. Matthew's smile and knowing that Hailey is on the verge...come on Hailey! Matthew smiled at me at 2 AM when I got him up to eat...that made it all worth it. He probably didn't even know what he was doing, but it was well worth it!
25. Tomorrow...because I never know what's coming!