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Sunday, October 5, 2008

7 Weeks tomorrow...where is the time going?

So, things are moving along just swimmingly here! The babies are falling into a routine. They are eating like mad and growing like crazy! Matthew has a nice little belly now and his hands are getting huge. Hailey is getting longer and longer (when she actually straightens her legs out) and is just loving looking around at everything. They're hysterical when they're both really hungry because they just totally freak out!

Baby updates:
  • Both babies can hold their heads up for a long period of time. Matthew seems to have a little more control than Hailey, but they both try so hard to keep those big noggins up! We have these black and white pictures behind our living room couch and they are just mesmerized by's so funny b/c it calms them down right away.
  • Both babies have rolled over (by accident) during Tummy Time. Matthew is going to be moving before I know it...he already tries to scoot himself a long and to put his knees underneath him like he's going to crawl! YIKES!!!
  • Hailey is the move observant baby that I've seen yet. She looks at everything and is trying so hard to smile. She just wants to give you all of her and it's impossible not to fall in love with her every time you look at her.
  • Matthew has gotten a little more frequent with the smiles. He gave me one the other day at 2 AM which melted my heart and made me forget my grumbling about being awake at that hour.
  • They took their first walk with their friends Gavin and Hayden. They love their walks and I think that we're going to take a lot of walks with Gavin and may just keep their Moms sane!
  • They have a book that they's called "I Love You The Purplest." I read it to them the other day 3 times in a row and they just loved it. Matthew kept dozing off and smiling lazily!
Me updates:
  • We went for our first day trip to Aunt Christine's house in's only about 1.5 hours away, so it was a good test. The babies did great and it was so nice to see everyone. Bill handled the babies while I went with Christine to try on wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses. She found a dress! She looked great...can't wait for all of this wedding stuff to finally happen.
  • I weighed myself at Christine's house and I have lost a little more weight. I don't know if it's the part-time breastfeeding or the fact that we walk every day, but things are starting to come off little by little.
  • I was able to wear my jeans all day with them buttoned...amazing. Last weekend I couldn't button them!
  • I sometimes get a little bored staying at home during the day. I'm a little worried that this Winter will drive me nuts b/c I won't be taking them out a lot. They're too young to get the flu shot which will mean that we'll be staying in the house a lot. I'm just going to have to keep them and myself busy! I'm figuring it out as I go be honest, the relaxing times are nice...I just had one bored day so far. I'll deal with it b/c everyone says that it doesn't last long!
  • My sister is coming to visit next weekend! I can't wait!!!
Bill update:
  • Awesome Dad...gets up in the middle of the night to make bottles for the twins...even when he has to work the next day.
  • Stayed at Christine's house the whole day yesterday to be with them and made sure they went down for was a little hairy b/c it was their first time taking a nap somewhere other than their house.
  • Really loves his gets frustrating sometimes, but he's handling it very well. He's handling the lack of sleep well too.
  • He's really big now on me feeling like a normal woman rather than a feedbag...he's been making a lot of efforts to make me feel good and to take care of me. I really appreciate it b/c I think this gets left behind when many people have kids. I couldn't ask for more.
That's really all that has been happening...things are moving along...can't believe that I've been a Mom for 7 weeks. Amazing how quickly it goes. I have great babies and I love them to pieces.