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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Things I've discovered since becoming a Stay At Home Mom (SAHM)

  1. The commercials are geared toward housewives and Mom's like they have no other interests but cleaning, food storage, baby food, wipes (for baby and house), yogurt, laundry detergent, plug-ins or any other kind of commercial for how your house smells, and handy gadgets introduced by that guy who yells on the Oxi-Clean commercials...yes, other companies have actually hired him...soooo annoying!
  2. My neighborhood is so quiet during the day! We can actually walk down the street (not the sidewalk) and not worry about getting hit by a car.
  3. I don't like housework, but I do it.
  4. There are a lot of "judge" shows...are there really this many people suing each other?
  5. My house makes weird noises on one side at random times during the day.
  6. There's a guy down the street who leaves on his motorcycle every single day at 10:30 for I really need to know that? Why do I know that???
  7. It is so much more pleasant to go out when school is in session than when they're on vacation. There are so many more people! I don't even like people!
  8. Not only does my husband count down how many hours it will be before he comes home, but so do I! He does it because he can't wait to see the babies and I do it because there will be someone else to help!
  9. I'm addicted to Facebook.
  10. Sometimes I don't know where the time goes. One minute, I'm waking up and taking a shower and then all of the sudden, it's time to go to bed! What did I do all day? If I really wrote it out, it's a lot, but at the end of the day, I can't remember a thing!

Oh...the irony

We woke up a little before 6 this morning (as usual) and fed the babies. They typically go right back to sleep after that and they did...we have such great babies, don't we? Anyway, I had been up a few times last night with Matthew (dirty diaper, random howling, etc.) and Bill said, "Why don't you go back to sleep for like an hour or so?" So, I did. It was glorious and I fell right to sleep without worrying about a thing. About an hour later (of course before my alarm went off), I hear Bill getting dressed and start to rise from my slumber. He kissed me good bye and went downstairs to get his things ready for work. I snooze for a couple of minutes and then hear him leaving. Just as he clicks the deadbolt on our front door, Hailey starts crying...can you believe it?

Anyway, I got her to go back to sleep so I could take a shower (her pacifier was right under her head...a little uncomfortable?), but I can't even begin to tell you the panic that I felt when she started crying...OMG...I won't be able to take a shower, eat breakfast, check my email, look at facebook (to which I am totally addicted...argh), or anything!!! What will I do when they give up this early morning nap? I know they're going to...what to do, what to do! I'm panicking a little bit b/c this early morning time is my salvation sometimes! Okay...deep will be alright.

I've started something new this week...rather than putting them down for naps and immediately coming to turn on the monitor, I've started to leave the monitor in the off position. I found myself going up at every little grunt and groan and I was driving myself crazy!!! My house is not huge by any means, so if it really counts, I'll hear it. I put my maternity clothes in the basement and got some of my prepregnancy clothes out of the container that housed them for the past year. I missed my clothes! Now I just wonder when I'll wear them since I find myself in sweats and workout clothes every day. What can I say? They're comfortable! I can hear Stacey and Clinton (WNTW) chastising me as I write this!

I start tutoring next week which will be nice. Not only will it allow me to get out of the house for an hour or so, but I'll start making some extra money! I hope I still remember how to teach math! Have a great day...I'm off to indulge in some's truly addictive!