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Thursday, October 9, 2008

I'm sure this won't be the last time

So, I had this grand idea today of finally getting out of the house. We haven't been out all week. I fed the kids and they were happy - of course Matthew was falling right to sleep! I got my returns together and planned on getting to Target and Kohl's - I even had receipts! I get myself redressed (it's warm here today - broke out the shorts again) and actually remember my bag. I get the baby bag packed and get it in the car. I get the kids in the carriers and get them in the car. Then I get us all on the road. I spoke to my friend Kelli on the way to Target (OMG socialization) and was feeling rather productive at this point. I get the kids out of the car and all of us into Target without anyone stopping me and saying, "oh, are they twins?" Then I enter Target and realize I left the f-ing bag with the returns at home! WTF??? What is wrong with me??? So, I proceed to do my shopping and go Kohl's and no returns. Oh well...just another reason to go back on another day.

I got smart when I got home...I put the bag with the returns into the car and I'm going to leave it there until I finish them! Someday I will get my shit together...granted, I may be 80, but I'll do it! Oh shit...I'll probably be too old to remember that I want my shit together at that point! So, who cares? Why try now? Right?