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Friday, October 10, 2008

Pee and poo...this is my life?

I can't believe my timing...every time I'm in a hurry, they pee all over the changing table and themselves! It's amazing...and gross. Why have I been reduced to being peed on? At least I know what's going into these children...I don't know how nurses do it just being peed and pooped on by random people...who knows what is going into their bodies? That's even grosser (or is it more gross?)! Here is an email that I had to send my husband this morning:

So, this morning, I finish feeding the kids (Matthew ate all of his bottle and Hailey finished 1 ounce) and we decided to go for a walk. I wanted to put pants on them b/c it's still a little chilly and I don't want Matthew getting a full blown cold. So, I go upstairs and get the pants and come back down...while I'm up there, I also change into shorts b/c I know it's going to get warmer as we go. So, I put the pants on Hailey and she whimpers, but Matthew has been sitting there quiet as a mouse...weird for him b/c usually he wails when I leave his sight! So, I start to put his pants on and he's not even squirming at all...he usually fights a little bit. This is when I start to realize that something is wrong...he's never like this!

I start to pull his pants up and end up with fingers full of was all down his leg and all over the boppy (amazingly not on the couch at all)! So, I carry him upstairs like he's the grossest thing that you've ever always see guys hold babies like this on TV...I just didn't want any of that yellow poo on me! So, I get him upstairs and somehow get one of those disposable pads underneath him b/c it would have ruined the pad that was already down. I get him on the changing table and start wiping him like crazy...his legs, feet, stomach, everything. Then I get the onesie off without getting poop on his head - which is amazing. Then I take the diaper's so gross and I can't believe that this came out of my baby boy! So, I'm wiping him down and he starts to pee all over the place...really just on his stomach and the disposable pad...thank God! So, I clamp that hose off and get him all clean and changed. Then I put their laundry in to immediately get the poop off of everything (his onesie, the boppy cover, his pants, and the burp cloth) - YIKES!!!

We finally get out of the house for our walk and they're falling asleep...I really don't want them to sleep on their walks, I want them to sleep in their cribs. So, we took a short one...we went down Macbeth to Saddle Rd and down that street a little bit and then back home...which is all uphill. So, we get home and I start to get them lower back is soaking wet b/c of going uphill and the sun beating on my back...I decide that Brie should poop, so I let her out while I'm getting the kids in...she proceeds to go over to the Johnson's house...why? I don't know. She came back and no pooping for her. I get the kids in, take them out of the carriers, get them upstairs and in bed, and now they're napping.

What normal people send emails about poo? What is wrong with me? Is this the f-ing highlight of my day? No, the highlight of my day has been the weather. It's freaking beautiful here...I know that we used to call this Indian Summer, but someone told me last year that we can't call it that anymore...politically incorrect? Well, I don't agree...I'm using that terminology. I love Indian Summer and I don't think that I know anyone that will be offended.

Other than that, today was very nice. The twins seemed unusually tired today and were only up for like an hour or an hour and a quarter. I guess they just need some more sleep today than normal. Hey, I'm not complaining. I got a lot done! My sister is coming this weekend, so that's exciting for me and the babies. Oh! I almost forgot...Hailey gave us her first real smile this morning. Matthew has done it before and numerous time, but this was Hailey's first! It was so cute and she is just going to melt people with that smile. I was so excited...Bill had just left for work, so I called him and made him come back inside. She wouldn't do it again, but he was just as excited as I! Have a great weekend everyone and please wish me less pee and poo!