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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Do They Know What They're Doing?

I know my babies are just 8 weeks old and that everyone probably thinks that their babies are advanced, but mine actually are. They're very advanced at manipulating us! starts already. I've found that when I put the babies into their cribs for naps, they start to put on a very dramatic show. Matthew starts grinning at me like I'm the greatest thing since freaking sliced bread. I think he knows that this just makes me want to pick him up, spend more time getting him to smile, and hug him like crazy. Hailey puts on the saddest face that she could find and just looks up at me like I'm the meanest person on Earth. Of course this makes me want to pick her up and make her happy. I can't say that I've actually fallen for any of their ploys, but I'm amazed at the emotional response that it stirs within my heart. God...if they're this good now, I'll need lots of help when they're teenagers. Good thing I taught kids for 8 years before I had was really easy to say "no" to cute and pathetic faces! I will win these battles...most of the time...some of the time? Oh God...I'm going to lose, aren't I?