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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Remember when shots were a good thing? - UPDATED

Had to put this picture up...these kids crack me up!

I was just sitting here getting worked up about taking the babies in for their 2 month doctor's appointment. I am concerned b/c they're getting 5 vaccines today and I just don't want them to hurt, but I know it's inevitable. Then it occurred to me...shots used to be a fun thing for me! I loved doing shots when we would go out b/c not only did I get drunk quicker, but I didn't take in as many calories...gotta love college logic, huh? I was at a retirement party a little while back and did some shots and was a complete mess...I was immediately sloppy and couldn't remember a thing! Thank God the co-worker who drove me home was a patient man...I couldn't give him directions (actually, at one point, he asked what the next direction was and I told him that I'd tell him when he needed to know...thankful passenger? I think not!) and then lost my keys! Bill was away, so this guy was my only hope. Who would get into that situation in her 30's? That's! Anyway, that's the day that I gave up shots. I'm too old anyway!

So, now I'm dreading shots...I think that I'll be fine once I get there. I just don't know how they're going to react. I have had friends whose kids did not have any reaction at all and friends whose kids didn't react well at all. A couple of friends recommended Children's Tyl.enol for the pain and the side effects. So, I'll take that with me and ask the doctor. I'll update when we get home if the babies aren't taking up too much of my time. The worst part is that I have to tutor this evening, so I won't be able to stay with them. Come to think of it, I may want a break!

Stair Strike - Our dog, Brie, won't go down the stairs for some reason. She's fine going down the basement stairs (which are carpeted), but refuses to go down the stairs from the bedrooms to the main floor (hardwood). I feel so bad for her, but it's so weird. She did slide down them last week, but managed to navigate them for several days before this strike. Bill has been carrying her down and today we put the gate up so that she wouldn't even think about going upstairs. What's up with this?

I think today is going to be one of those days...I really didn't want to get up...that doesn't work when your wonderful husband brings your grunting son into your bedroom as a hint to get your ass up and feed your children. He's wonderful b/c he took the liberty of changing Matt before I got out of bed...gotta love him! I forgot to shut the lid on the washer, so my timing is off a little bit now. I just sat back down to the computer and the string from my sweater went into the milk from my cereal! Actually, maybe today will be one of those funny days that you just have to laugh at everything...I'll feel that way after I have my caffeine! That makes everything better!

Everything went fine...yes, they cried, but other than that, it wasn't bad at all. They're sleeping peacefully now and Mommy and Daddy didn't even shed a tear!