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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Hey Fat Girl!!!

So, I'm sitting here watching Oprah about the people who lost weight on The Biggest Loser. I really like that show b/c it's nicer to watch people work out than actually do it myself. Now, the freeze on my gym membership is up this weekend, so it's back to the grind at the gym again. So, back to my story about Oprah...I'm sitting here eating Fritos and Ranch Dip and actually taking my finger and swiping the bowl for the last remnants of Ranch Dip when I realize how disgusting I am and what a hypocrite I am for doing that while being so happy for the newly skinny people from The Biggest Loser. That made me get my ass off the couch and grab an applesauce instead. I"m gross!!!

Things are good. I'm trying to figure out how to change the babies' schedule for Daylight Savings Time. I don't want them to start waking up at 4 AM!!! I never thought about this change, but it is important to take into consideration. The babies are doing great. Now that I've started tutoring at night, Bill has had to take over some of the duties and it's been an adjustment. The babies are just so used to me putting them down and getting them ready for naps that they are really giving Bill a run for his money. He's adjusting too b/c it is a learning process. It's so hard to know what they need and when to let them cry for a little bit. We're going to start to work on that this weekend...maybe he can spend more time putting them down than me doing it. He's so great with them that I'm not too worried, but I don't want him or them frustrated all of the time. They can sense when he's getting frustrated and sometimes get worse because of it. So, that's our project for this weekend.

Halloween - we're not dressing the kids up...I don't think it's necessary to buy them costumes at this point b/c they really have no idea what is going on - they'll sleep most of the day away anyway! I'm sure that I'll spend enough money on Halloween for the rest of their lives that I don't need to worry about it now. My friend got them the most adorable Halloween onesies that they'll wear instead. They're from Old Na.vy and I just love them. I'll post pictures if I remember.

World Series - I am soooo glad that it's over as the wife of a Philadeliphian. I swear...they act like they're owed a championship!!! I'm glad it finally happened for them and that I don't have to deal with a stressed out husband until the end of the football season...that won't matter though because the Giants will win the division!

Friends - I have started to get better about seeing people and doing things. It's been hard b/c I feel like I need to be a slave to the routine, but I also need to do this for myself. One reason I'm doing it now is that when it gets really cold, I'll be locked up indoors anyway, so get out now! I just love my friends though and feel very lucky to have them in my life. I'm also so happy that they understand when I don't call them back...the phone has been my biggest challenge since having the kids.

Happiness - seeing those babies smile up at me first thing in the morning, watching them coo and try to communicate with me, seeing them recognize Bill when he gets home in the afternoon, giving them baths, swaddling them up tight and seeing them relax from it, watching them enjoy their mobiles, seeing them love sitting in the bouncy seat, realizing that they're getting used to being on their tummy, seeing them raise their heads up exactly how they should be at this point, and just loving them with all of my heart. I am very lucky and I have great babies. I am very happy!