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Monday, November 17, 2008

13 weeks - Growing and growing...

I can't believe that I gave birth 13 weeks ago. When do we stop counting in weeks? I guess I could anytime I feel like it, right? Anyway, they're doing great...growing like crazy. Matthew is almost out of his 3 month clothes. Hailey is equaling him in length (to my untrained eye), but she is nowhere near him in girth. He's a thick one! She is just a petite little rose! Matthew has rolled over twice, but isn't doing it consistently. Hailey could really care less...she gets her head up to 90 degrees, but would rather lick the blanket than try to roll over...she's funny. We're getting smiles (maybe even giggles) from both of them. Matthew would smile at a blank wall, but you really have to work with Hailey.

My Mom and sister were here to visit this weekend. We had a lot of fun and the babies just adore them (and vice versa). It was a great weekend, but my little babies certainly tired themselves out! Hailey had trouble sleeping more than 30-45 minutes for her naps, but we're trying to get back into our routine this week. She woke up this morning after about 40 minutes. I put her in the bouncer to get her calmed back down and gave her 2 more ounces of formula. Then I put her back in her crib and she fell back to sleep. I'm a little worried about her waking right out of her nap, but she could just be growing. Anyway, it was so nice to have other people here. Bill went to the Penn State game with his Dad and brother, so while he was having his guys weekend, I had a little girls weekend! Just having someone to help me wash the bottles, change the kids, dress the kids, bathe the kids, put the kids down for their naps, or just to give an annoyed look to when they weren't fully was awesome.

What else is going on? Well, there are only 48 days until Christmas and I haven't done a thing! I don't even know or have any thoughts about what I'm going to do! Oh will all come always does. We're going to get the kids travel beds for their big present...we're going to start traveling again after the winter, so we figured this was a good idea. They'll be huge for the babies at first, but you can use them for a while, so it's a good investment. We also need a bag to put on top of the car for when we go places...since we bring the dog on most of our travels, we have nowhere to put our stuff! Then we'll get them some toys and stuff...I'm sure we'll be running out of room really soon! Gotta love living in a small house...apparently our house is the perfect size for our family, but it doesn't feel like it. There is a formula 1200 square feet for a couple plus an additional 200 square feet for each additional person. We should be fitting exactly, but it just feels like we're overflowing everywhere!

That's all for now. Our next doctor's appointment is on December 19th, so we're looking forward to that somewhat. I want to see how they're growing, but I'm not looking forward to the shots again. The good thing is that they're the same as we had at the 2 month appointment, so at least I know how they'll react. It's cold here this week, so I'm kind of wary about going out for walks. I don't want them to get colds...overprotective? Maybe, but it's more difficult having twins with colds than one baby! We did get the Bundle-Me car seat things. Bill's company sent us certificates to this web site where you could order a variety of things with your gift card...I thought that was really nice and we didn't have to pay for the Bundle Me's! Hope everyone has a good day/week - I'm not sure when I'll post next...things are pretty boring this week!