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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Why does the guy at Sears need my phone number before he can speak with me??

What's up with that? I was calling to make an appointment to have the twins' pictures taken - 3 know...big deal. This guy(kid) doesn't even ask why I'm calling before he wants my phone number...what??? Then he gets all flustered when I won't give it to him. Now, I'm not the kind of person who just gives that information out b/c then I'm afraid that people will call me (God forbid). I avoid the phone like the plague and that's the reason that I don't have a house phone...only cell phones for us! I don't even like calling these places in the first place...I think that when I show up ready for our picture, they should be ready for me...gotta love that sense of entitlement! Where did I learn that from?

I just hate making appointments when you're dealing with two 3-month olds! It's almost impossible!!! Oh well...maybe I'll just show up there early in the morning next week rather than try it on the weekend...maybe there will be an adult working there...maybe they'll have everything all set up for me! Maybe I'll jump back into reality one of these days and realize that the stars will never align for us like that...oh the misery!

Where do you guys go for pictures? Better yet...where don't you go?