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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

So, this is what I told my kids today...

I said, "Okay, now we got up at 6:00, had our bottles, and played for a we're going to go back to sleep for a while so that Mommy can get some rest. She worked very hard last night at tutoring and is a little tired."

They looked at me and seemed to understand.

We all went back to sleep.

About 45 minutes later, I hear the children making noises. I go into their rooms and wrap them back up and give them their binks. They seemed to understand again.

About 5 minutes later, they were both needing Mommy very much. I went in, they quieted down. I went back to bed...I thought we had all gone back to bed.

About 20 minutes later, Matthew is pitching a fit...I go in (after the dramatic effort of throwing the covers off of myself) and he's lying there, unwrapped, smiling away, but yawning. Hailey is passed out...she's not getting up if I lead a parade through her room! What to do...what to do...okay, let's try this one more time. I check him to make sure he doesn't need to be changed - he's smiling the whole time. I wrap him back up - he's smiling the whole time. I put the bink back into his mouth - he's smiling the whole time. I tell him that I need to change the laundry and wash out the bottles and he seems to understand.

Haven't heard from him in 15 I actually risk getting in the shower?