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Thursday, November 20, 2008

All Tired Out From His Conversation with the Frog and the Monkey

Talking to the Frog and the Monkey

So, this morning was pretty normal until Bill went out to go to work. He comes right back in and says, "Well, I don't know what time I'm going to work...I have to call Triple A." That's never a good sentence. Apparently his engine is smoking and there are pieces of some belt (Serpentine?) all over the place...he started to explain, but I had to stop him from lack of caring. I mean I care that something is wrong with his car, but I can't care about what it is b/c I don't know that much about cars.

Now this all happens right before I'm about to hop into the shower...Moms will appreciate what a small window this actually is, so bear with me if I'm about to sound impatient...I do manage to get into the shower, but as soon as I get out, I hear Matthew's girlish scream (I could only assume that he is awake b/c he heard Bill going up and down the stairs and coming into the bathroom to give me the minute to minute update)! I go in...try to put him back to doesn't look good. As I turn to leave the room, I notice that Hailey is grinning from ear to ear...what's up with her? Oh well...she's quiet...that's the most important thing! So, I start to put my makeup on...

I hear them again...oh, and the tow truck arrives. Those things are pretty loud! You can't get away with having "secret" car troubles...this thing lets everyone know! I soothe the babies again and try to get them back to's really not looking good for window is closing and my hair is starting to curl in all sorts of unsightly directions! I bring my hair dryer downstairs to get the kinks this point, Bill tells me that it needs to be towed to the dealership (extra fees b/c it's over the 3 mile radius that Triple A gives you) and that he needs to take my car. Now, here's the thing...I don't really care that he needed to take my car. Would I like to get out today considering that we haven't been out all week? Sure, but do I need it? No. So, he proceeds to tell me that a pulley went...again, don't care b/c I'll never understand it and oh...this is boob starts to leak! WHAT??? Why is this happening??? Oh well...doesn't matter...gotta dry the hair! I finally get the dryer started b/c Bill went out to watch the tow truck operator and I hear Matthew...this time he's insistent. I go up and get him and put him in the swing so I can finish myself (gotta love selfish Mom time).

I finally finish getting ready...we're talking dressed, deodorized (not a word...I know...oh, maybe it spellcheck didn't highlight it!), and I managed to squeeze my engagement ring on my finger...that's wedding ring still doesn't fit thanks to all of the water weight I gained through my big fat pregnancy. Oooh...Hailey seems to be back to sleep! I go downstairs and give my cute son the biggest smile and he breaks into tears...sad faced fat tears...WTF??? What did I do to you? So, I pick him up and soothe him...he'll be fine. Turns out, I didn't do anything. Now he's in the bouncer and smiling and talking to the monkey and the frog that move...I can't help but love this time b/c it's so cute. He's yawning like crazy and seems very tired, but can't take his eyes off of that frog and monkey. Is this messing up his nap schedule? doesn't matter though...he's enjoying himself!

So, I'm carless and housebound...anyone want to come over the play?