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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Ding, Dong, The Witch is Dead!

I sold my breast pump!!! I couldn't be more excited. That thing just stared at me while it was in the house taunting me. It said, "your body couldn't handle breastfeeding and I'm here to remind you." I sold it to a woman who is pregnant with her fourth kid...more power to her! I hated that is what it taught me:
  • You can't pump to increase your milk supply while you're home by yourself b/c you're supposed to be taking care of your babies.
  • My nipples are without limits to their elasticity!
  • The repetitive sound of the engine is not's stressful.
  • When you have two babies staring you in the face and your breasts being pulled "gently" it does not make your milk come in.
  • You can pay a lot of money for something and hate it more than anything...I would have rather spent that $280 on clothes or boots or something useful like that.
  • I give a lot (and I mean a lot) of credit to working Moms or even stay at home Moms who's so hard!
Now that the pump is gone...I can move on. It was really bringing me down and I didn't even realize it! Let's have a party!

Christmas Starting Early

I remember when I was little...Christmas didn't truly start until after Thanksgiving. We were able to make it through one holiday without jumping ahead to the next. Remember that? Well, it doesn't seem possible anymore. It seems that I saw Christmas stuff right around the same time that I was still seeing Halloween've gotta be kidding me! While I am looking forward to Christmas, I would really like to enjoy Thanksgiving first! No wonder people get stressed around this time of year...we aren't allowed to truly experience the magic of anything!

Bill and I are having our own little Thanksgiving's the first time either of us are doing anything for Thanksgiving. We have always traveled and been fed by our families. We are going to miss a lot about being with our families, but we're also happy that we'll be our own little family. We waited so long for this and I think it'll be really nice to hang out...just us. I am making my first turkey...I'm kind of nervous about this, but I'm hoping with the pop-up timer, it may actually be idiot-proof!

If I don't post before Thanksgiving, please enjoy your's a short list of my thanks:
  • My husband - I don't know what I did to deserve someone who takes care of me so well, but I'm glad I did it. He's the best and I love being married to him.
  • My kids - They have brought a joy into my life and I didn't know existed.
  • My family - They are always there for me and keep me going when I need it most.
  • My friends - for not being mad when I never call them, for still being excited to see me, and for always being there when I needed.
  • Fertility treatments - without them, I wouldn't have my own little family. This time last year, I was injecting myself at Bill's parents' I have 3-month old babies. It's amazing...
  • My bed - I never appreciated it as much as I do now that I have kids!
  • Facebook - for getting me in touch with a ton of old friends!
  • Blogging - my outlet...I'd go nuts without it.