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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving and Other Firsts

So, this was our first Thanksgiving at home. It was a regular day except for learning how to make EVERYTHING for Thanksgiving take care of the babies. We did alright...the turkey made it out of the oven in a juicy state, so that's saying something. We need a little bit of help with the consistency of our mashies, but all in all, we did alright! I was in the shower Thanksgiving morning, giving thanks that I could relax a little bit b/c Bill was home to listen for the babies. While I was in the shower, I crumbled. I realized that this was the first year that I was away from any type of family...since I could remember, I spent this holiday with either my family or (after I met him), Bill's family...we were on our own this year. I don't know why I got all teary...this was a decision that we made, but I missed everyone. I guess I'm just sap at heart!

Other firsts?

  • Bill peeled potatoes for the first time in his life.
  • Hailey and Matthew took their first showers with was so cute. I didn't take any pictures b/c the moment was just too personal, but it was adorable. Bill thought I was nuts when I suggested it, but it really calmed them and I read that if they start showering at a young age, they won't be so afraid of it when they get older. They really did okay...they didn't like the spray so much (neither do I), but they really hung in there and were relaxed after it was done.
  • We cooked our first turkey together...granted, we didn't eat until 7:30 b/c we were taking care of babies, but it's done!
  • Hailey and Matthew met their Uncle Andrew for the first time.
  • Hailey and Matthew met Bill's best friend, Bryan, and his wife Stephanee, for the first time.
All in all, it was a good holiday. I'm glad that it will be just us tomorrow and we can sit around in our sweats all day and watch football...I love Sundays in the Fall! I'll be sad when Bill has to go back to work...I loved having him around. This has been the longest that he's had off since the babies were born...he's exhausted!

Oh, and to all you Black Friday lovers...count me out. I'll never understand it and I don't think I'll ever do it. I write this especially after reading what happened to that guy in Valley Stream, sad. Is it really necessary to camp out and run over people just to save a couple of bucks? I think not...anyway, if you went, I hope you caught some good sales and didn't get hurt! I'll continue boycotting it for the rest of my life and sleeping instead!