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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Why Do I Do This?

My poor husband...okay, he may not be completely innocent, but why do I do this to him?

Setting: Monday morning 1:30 AM
Bill gets out of bed to use the bathroom and I quickly poke my head out from beneath the covers to see what time it is...I know what he's up to...

I hear the door to the babies' bedroom squeak open. I know he's checking on them...he does this frequently. I give him a lot of credit. It should probably be me, but he's more of a worrier than I am, so I let him go about his business. The problem is that Hailey sleeps so quietly that it worries him and he sometimes will touch her to make sure she's still breathing...Mommie Dearest anyone? It is adorable though and he just loves them so much...I shouldn't bitch, right? Well, I'm about to.

Setting: Monday morning 1:45 AM
Hailey starts wailing and we need to get up to feed the babies. Bill always loves to remind me how many hours it's been since they ate in order to get my ass out of bed. So, we hear her and here is how the rest of the conversation went (I should preface this by saying that I'm horribly delusional when I first wake up):
Hailey starts crying and we're still lying in bed.
Me: I knew it!
Bill: What?
Me: I knew that you woke them up when you went in there!
Bill: I did not...I checked on them.
Me: I'm sick of always wake them up!
Bill: I did not wake them's been 7 hours since they ate...they're probably hungry.
Me: Well, they wouldn't have known they were hungry if you hadn't woken them up! Did you touch them???
Bill: Maybe you should make the bottles and I'll take care of the babies.
Me: Of course you'll take care of the love to be in there so much waking them up.
Bill: Can you just go make the bottles?
Me: dramatic throwing back of the covers...fine!

Why do I do that?