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Thursday, December 4, 2008

So Weird...

It's so weird that I just got back from my Well-Woman Visit at my OB/GYN. I can't tell you how long it's been since I've had one of those. There were no dildo cams, no needles, no counting days, no awkward silences while someone tries to decide what the next step should be...very weird. He just touched my breasts, invaded my vagina, and talked to me about my impending IUD...normal, right?

The babies were great today. We had the lawn service taking our millions of leaves away and it was LOUD!!! The babies ate their breakfast without batting an eye, took their naps, and woke up in good moods while all of the chaos was going on right outside their window. Gotta love when they're completely oblivious! Then we went to Target for a while. When we got home, I wolfed down my lunch while they were happy in the bouncy and swing. Then we played on the floor for 1/2 hour and got back into the car to meet Daddy at the doctor's office. We switched cars and we were on our way! Some days just go exactly as you picture them...most don't! Today was a good day!

I'm so glad that I started taking them out as soon as I could physically lift the stroller. I think if I had waited, I would have built up all of this anxiety about going out in public with them. I might think it was too hard or that they would get sick. I can't live my life like that. I'm glad that I did it early. Not only am I used to it, but they are too. They just sit in the stroller...looking around. They get a little antsy, but who wouldn't? They probably want to touch everything...strike that...taste everything. They're getting to the stage where everything goes into their mouths...strike that...they're trying to put everything in their mouths, but their coordination is WAY off. They usually end up poking themselves in the eye! Matthew is gripping rattles like crazy and Hailey is trying, but she'd rather watch Matt do it! No rolling yet...still waiting on that. I've found a way to get more done around here during the day. I was trying to be so quiet during their naps, that it really limited my activity. Now, after we're done playing, I put one in the swing and one in the bouncy and let them watch me do what I need to do. It's amazing what I can get done in that little amount of time. They're actually interested and love to watch. I talk to them and explain what I'm doing and how one day they'll be doing it for me! Hey...I can dream, can't I?