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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Sick Christmas

One of my first Christmas memories is from when I was four years old. I was so sick with strep throat and could do nothing but lie on the couch while my sister and brother brought me presents from Santa. I hardly enjoyed my presents because I felt so miserable. There is a picture of me from that Christmas somewhere in my yellow robe looking like the most pathetic kid ever.

I hope this is not a repeat performance.

Matthew has been sick with a cold. He has had a fever since Sunday, but he finally woke up this morning with no fever. I have been taking care of him (shocker, right?) day in and day out because all he wants is Mommy. We have been very diligent about washing up before we touch Hailey b/c we're so afraid that she's going to get sick too. So, last night, I went to tutor a kid and started feeling my throat hurt...on the drive home, I was talking to my Mom and it started to hurt even worse. By the time I was home, it was on sucked. I went to bed early last night and took a Zicam (because I was also starting to feel cold symptoms) and slept my ass off until 2:30 when I awoke to not being able to swallow. I took three Advil and fell back to a restless sleep praying that the babies wouldn't wake up...especially Matthew who would need some pretty decent attention. The babies cooperated. This morning, I took a look at my throat and we're seeing red, swollen, and a few white spots...strep? Maybe...we'll see...I have an appointment at 12:30. I am petrified that the kids could get it, so I am being even more of a maniac about washing my hands and those rubbing gels that are supposed to "clean" your hands...

I called ahead to see if the doctor would just write me the prescription. It's just's not like I'm asking for oxycodone (although, I may consider it) or valium (ooohhh...there's another thought). I get it though...they can't give out medication without an exam. I was just hoping that they would bend the rules since I have two babies and it's Christmas and such luck.

On to a happier note...I am excited for Christmas...our house is decorated and people will actually see it decorated. Our presents are wrapped - still have to wrap Bill's, but I'll get to that. Food is in the house and it's just a happy time. This time last year, I couldn't believe that I was actually pregnant and now I have two delicious babies! I still can't believe it sometimes...they're just what I wanted! Merry Christmas to anyone who is still reading...I hope all of your holidays bring you exactly what you matter what it is!

Here's a cute little picture of the babies...they weren't really sleeping, but they both closed their eyes at the same time, so I snapped it and I'll eventually tell them that they were sleeping and waiting for Santa...what? You never lie to your kids for the sake of cuteness???