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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas...what a day!

  • Get up at 5:30 AM (thanks Hailey)...feed the babies and go back to bed...well, we wanted to go back to bed. Matthew (who was feeling much better) wouldn't stop babbling in his was cracking me up until I realized that Bill left our bedroom door open (which allows me to hear everything that the babies are doing) and he was snoring because now he's sick like me! Great...we're all sick for Christmas (except for Hailey).
  • 8:30 AM - Wake up (again) and go downstairs...the babies were in pleasant moods and were just hanging out, so Bill started to cook our traditional holiday breakfast...pancakes and bacon (yum!). Just as he finished, both babies melted down and needed to be fed again. He was not happy (at all), but we dealt with it and grudgingly fed the babies - just kidding...we were going to feed the babies no matter what...don't call DYFUS!
  • 9:15 AM - We finish feeding the babies and decide to try breakfast again. Poor Bill...all he wanted was a nice breakfast with his wife and I don't know how to tell him that it may never happen again. I appreciate what he was trying to was wonderful, but with two babies, time is not ours. Anyway, we put the pancakes and bacon in the oven and it was fine...Matthew melted down and had to sit on my lap while I ate, but that's fine! I can't help but think that next year, they'll be sitting in their highchairs eating pancakes and bacon with us! Freaky shit!!!
  • 9:45 AM - Bill vacuumed the house while I played with the babies...seriously? A husband who vacuums? Willingly??? I'm amazed! So, we wait for the babies to go down for naps and I get in the shower.
  • 11:30 AM - Bill's family arrives...Merry Christmas! Of course, I'm still in the bathroom getting ready, but they're cool...they don't mind at all.
  • After this, things get a little fuzzy time-wise and who really cares - after all, it's Christmas. It's a flurry of shrimp, presents, feeding babies, making dinner, presents, cleaning up dinner, dessert, wine, talking, laughing and all things that make up the holidays. I have to give a shout out to my husband who took care of making and cleaning up dinner...I couldn't ask for more. I was in charge of taking care of babies, but he really took over the food prep and clean up - as did his brother. I'm so thankful that I have the kind of husband who doesn't feel that all of that should be my job!
  • Matthew was exhausted...didn't even make it through his last bottle. With the cold and all of the activity, I think he was just DONE. Hailey was still hanging out like a champ...she loves to be part of the action! Matthew just fell apart though...poor kid...
  • I'm not sure what time Bill's parents left...we were exhausted and I think they were too. It's a long trip to make in one day and then add on taking care of babies, cooking, talking, not napping, and drinking some wine. It's a wonder anyone was still awake when they left! I do appreciate them making the trip though. It was a really good time.
  • Bill ended up taking NyQuil around 9 PM and passing out. I was watching TV and winding down in the living room at this point. Around 10:00 I decided to head up to go to sleep and I hear Hailey starting to cry. She shouldn't be awake, but I think that she thought there were still people here and wanted to hang out. I walked her around for a while and brought her downstairs (to prove that people had left? What do I have to prove to a 4-month old kid? LOL). She calmed down and went back to sleep. I go to finally take my contacts out and Matthew starts freaking out! I couldn't calm him down at all, so I took him downstairs to make him a bottle...poor kid was starving, but now he's even more congested and a weird cough has started...I feel so badly for him! He finished his bottle and went back to bed. He continued to "talk" to himself for about an hour (I couldn't sleep b/c I was so worried about him) and he finally lulled himself into dreamland. He woke up a few more times, so I didn't get very much sleep at all.
  • The nice part about not getting a lot of sleep due to your sick kid? Your husband (who took NyQuil and missed a good part of the drama) lets you sleep in the morning. Matthew woke up at 5:30 and was irate...the poor guy really feels shitty...all stuffy, coughing, and, we gave him a bottle and let Hailey sleep. Then Bill told me to go back to bed and every time that I got up to help/see what was going on, he told me to go back to bed. I finally got up (for good) at 11:15...can you imagine that? A mother of twins...sleeping until 11:15. Gotta love Bill...
  • We just spent today (the day after Christmas) hanging out around the house, putting things away, cleaning up, vacuuming (Brie got pet a lot yesterday which leads to extra hair on the nemesis). I'm hoping that Matthew will feel well enough to go to Bill's sister's house tomorrow, but I don't know...he's still pretty stuffy and miserable and now Hailey's nose has started to run too. That would make a clean 4/4 sweep for this virus!
I hope that everyone's Christmas was just as they envisioned! Now I think I should get in the shower...that usually helps me feel a little bit better from this cold...I'm glad that Bill is off for a few days. I could really use the help...

One more thing...I am always amazed at people's generosity toward my kids and want to express my appreciate to Bill's family. We got some wonderful gifts from them and I cannot thank them enough for thinking of our kids. It's nice to know that so many people love them and haven't even met them yet! I can't wait until they do! Mom Mom and Pop Pop...thanks for all of your thoughtful gifts...I know the kids will have fun with them and will love wearing the PSU gear to their first game. Uncle Andrew...the sippy cups are great and will last them a LONG time! Thanks for making the trip...Merry Christmas!