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Saturday, December 27, 2008

I'm an idiot...

Bill got me these really cool NY Giants sweatpants for Christmas. They're relaxed and washed out a little bit and they're adorable except that they're too long (what else is new? I'm a freaking midget). So, I decide this morning that I'm going to cut them. I've done this before...when you're short for your entire life, you learn to deal with such things (that and getting things off of high shelves in the super market). So, I sit down to cut my new pants...I think that I'll just put a cut where I need to start and rip them straight from there. Well, ripping doesn't always make a straight line and I have completely fucked them up. One leg is much shorter than the other and the back of the shorter leg is higher than the front. What the hell was I thinking? Why couldn't I just cut them like a normal person? Oh, that's right, because I got like 3 good hours of sleep last night. Between Matthew wearing me out yesterday and Bill snoring through most of the night, it wasn't good for me. Neither of them can help it, but it still makes for a shitty night.

I'm so sorry about the sweatpants, Bill...I suck. They really were a great gift!

Anyway, my new sweatpants are now my new capris. I had to cut them shorter because I couldn't make them longer, could I? Lesson learned...cut with precision, don't rip with abandon.