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Monday, December 29, 2008

Am I A Bad Mommy?

We still haven't unwrapped the babies' Santa presents...they're STILL under our tree!

It's just that we were sick and went back to sleep Christmas morning because we were trying very hard not to be sick and then Bill's parents came over and we opened presents with them, but we want Santa presents to be "just us." Do I suck or what?

Oh least the tree is still up and we're still decorated...could you imagine if we didn't open them, took down the tree, took down the outdoor lights, and put away our Christmas houses...that would be really horrible. It would be like a sad pile of presents that you save for your aunt and uncle that you'll see in February...that would be really depressing!

Okay, I guess not opening them doesn't seem so bad now that I thought about how much worse it could be!

Now I just gotta figure out what we did with their Christmas outfits so we can recreate Christmas morning! Heehee...I'm horrible!