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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Have It Your Way? I'd just like it right!

Okay, so this is my latest rant...I can't stand it when you go to BK or anywhere else that requires me to talk into a machine. However, on occasion, I allow myself this little luxury and feel that this kind of food is the only kind of food that truly fills me up. Maybe it's a throw back to my college years, but I love fast food. I stopped eating it in my 20's though and have been proud of myself ever since. Today I went to Wal-Mart (don't even get me started on this place) to get a plethora of cold medicines (Bill and I realize we don't have any medicine in the house since we never really got sick...welcome to babies).

On my way home, I stop for a Who.pper Jr. with cheese meal...#4. So, I talk into the machine (after the obnoxious fake voice asks me if he could take my, I'd actually like the guy who is working there to take my order...not fake voice guy) and tell him that I'd like a #4 with cheese and a diet coke (redemption?)...he says, a #1? No, a #4...with what kind of drink? A diet I speaking the same language as this guy??? Do you want cheese with that? I almost jumped through the machine - YES!!! I get my total and it seems a little high (maybe that was the kid's problem). I question him when I get to the "second window" (sounds like another galaxy)...he says that I was probably looking at the price for the think? THAT'S BECAUSE THAT'S WHAT I ORDERED!!! He has one job...listen to the number I say and punch it into the computer...what could possibly be so hard about that? I'm sick, so my patience is at an all time low and I'm totally sick of being sick, but come on!!! Here's this kid's training manual:

1. Listen to customer for number.
2. Punch number into thing with buttons (confusing...too many buttons).
3. Tell the customer the numbers that pop up on the screen.
4. Take money (don't look at customer).
5. Enter amount of money (if you can count that high).
6. Give change back that thing with buttons tells you (don't look at customer).

Okay, I think I'm done ranting...the fries tasted like crap anyway...bad idea I guess!