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Monday, June 8, 2009

Blisters! Ouch!!!

That's right...Matthew wants to be on the move so much that he has developed blisters on his big toes. I have never heard of this, but he uses them to pivot himself around the floor and to sit on his bootie. He also tends to get himself in this "ready, set, go!" position like they do in track...I can't tell if he's trying to turn, sit, or stand up! It looks like the yoga position - downward facing dog. I feel so bad for him! They're bright red and right on the bottom of both of his big toes. They must hurt, but I don't know if he can tell where the pain is coming from. Actually, I'm pretty sure of that b/c he keeps doing things that I just know must be causing him pain! We're keeping socks on him at this point and putting A & D ointment on in the morning and at night so that they'll heal. I just didn't think I'd be dealing with blisters at 9.5 months!

We had a really good weekend. My Dad came to visit and while it rained all day on Friday and we stayed in the house all day, we were able to get out on Saturday. It's so sad how much weather impacts that I choose to do with the kids. Anyway, we finally got out on Saturday and went to Target. My Dad offered to buy the kids some new toys and that was a lot of fun. They have so much out there. It was cool to show the kids things and see how they would react or if they would like it enough to actually buy it. We had a lot of fun. We went to a local nursery in the that place. I think my Dad had a lot of fun with the babies...actually, I know so...he loved them!

So, now we're just dealing with foot blisters, major teething irritability (Matthew is soooo needy), and short naps! I can't stand short least give me 60 minutes...I can't do less. Hey, at least they slept through the night last night...they've been having trouble because of teething (we think). This is a pretty busy week...tutoring schedules need to change b/c of finals. I have to go to BJs and Old Navy and then get ready to go to Philly for BIL's graduation party! This will be our first time bringing the kids up there and I'm looking forward to it. Then on to our first Father's Day! I am so excited!!!

Eating...I wanted to mention this...the kids have been doing really well with finger foods. I am really excited about this, but today Hailey put a piece of mac and cheese in her mouth and realized that if she blew through it, she could make a whistling sound! I don't think meals will ever be the same! Haha...great.


Missy said...

Ouch! I hope his blisters go away soon! He is a boy on a mission though!

Manda said...

he really goes at everything with all his energy. i'm not surprised about the blisters, poor boy. hailey's probably watching and thinking, i won't do it that way...