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Monday, January 19, 2009

Busy Weekend and Five Months Old!!! How much do you think Mommy and Daddy have aged???

This picture cracks me one of my friends put it, it looks like Hailey just found out that she wasn't the ONLY World's Cutest Baby, but Matthew is still in the dark!

We had a busy weekend. We both went to the gym on Friday night...that's a tough thing b/c I got right when Bill gets home from work, we do baths together when I get home, we put the kids to bed, and then he goes...we're exhausted by the end of this whole thing. At least we're getting to the gym, maintaining our health, getting some alone time, and working with the babies together.

Saturday morning, we woke up and started getting ready to visit Aunt Christine and Uncle Ryan in Pennsylvania. If we had to bring this much crap with us for a day visit, I can only imagine how much we'd have to bring with us for a weekend! It's ridiculous. We definitely need to get one of those bags for the top of our car and rethink bringing Brie on every trip...there's just not enough room to give her the entire trunk of our SUV. The ride there was awesome...the babies just slept through the entire thing. We got there and hung out for a little while. Aunt Christine loves holding the babies, so we tag teamed and ate some food. Then we fed the babies...something else that Aunt Christine graciously helped out with - thank you!!! After that, I could tell that they were both getting a little tired. They wouldn't need a major nap, but maybe just a cat nap. They had fallen asleep at my friend's house on Wednesday, so why wouldn't it happen here? Murphys' Law...they had a really hard time. Hailey finally went out, but then Matthew squealed so loudly (with joy of course) that it woke her up and then they were both in bad moods. Bill told me to put them upstairs, but I didn't listen (that started another whole issue). So, we had to eat dinner with them on our laps being all ornery and whiny. Oh well...I'm sure it's not the last time. The Christmas gifts were great...I love when a holiday gets extended!

Sunday morning, we woke up a little late...okay, we kept trying to get the babies to sleep longer b/c we wanted to sleep longer! However, we had decided that we were all going to go to church that particular morning. So, we finally got out of bed around 7:00 and church starts at 8:30...rush, rush, rush. Bill and I each took 5 minutes to get ready and we were out the door by 8:10...okay, 8:15. Still, we made it on time. I'll tell you though...those carriers are getting really heavy. I'd like to try to get through the rest of the Winter using them though b/c it's just easier to transport the kids with them, but they are KILLING my wrists! The kids were good through church...Bill had to stand up with Matthew for about 40 minutes and he eventually fell asleep on Bill's chest. It was actually pretty cute. Hailey just sat on my lap and looked around and listened to the singing. We were happy with how they were. The people were very nice.

We're going around and around about a church decision. Bill was raised school, church every week, etc. I was baptised Catholic, but raised Methodist. It's not the I dislike the Catholic church, but I'm just used to something else. So, on the advice of Uncle Ryan, we're going to try the Methodist church next week. Bill has never really experienced anything else, so we'll see. That's part of the reason we haven't gotten them christened yet...other reasons are just family crap...traveling, , winter weather, uncomfortable-ness (not a word...I know, but totally suitable), and time! We haven't had the time/energy to put into finding a church! Now we're dedicated and we've gotta do it...period!

I'll post tomorrow about what the twins are doing now that they're 5 months old...they're really funny babies and I'm totally enjoying staying at home with them. The first few months were next to impossible now that I look back on it, but we made it through and we now have little people on our hands! They are totally different in some ways and totally alike in others. I love having twins!