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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

What Can We Do Now That We're 5 Months Old?

There are a lot of things...I'll go one by everything else in my life!


  • Is almost to the point of rolling from back to front. Doesn't really have an interest in rolling front to back...just sits there with his head up in the air.
  • Wants to crawl soooo badly. He can get his knees under his hips and scootch, but really just turns himself around in a circle...pretty amusing if you ask me. Plus, you're not really going to go anywhere if you can't get your big dome off the floor at the same time as your knees working...I'm telling you...his head is huge!
  • Smiles all the time.
  • Laughs a lot's the most adorable laugh.
  • Can grab something and actually get it into his mouth rather than repeatedly hitting himself in the face and then dropping it.
  • Will grab anything that is above him. At first he was just pushing it away b/c he'd throw his arms in the air like Frankenstein, but he's getting the hang of it now.
  • Can stand with me only holding on to one of his arms...he's going to be dangerous when he's on the move!
  • Will grunt himself to sleep and will talk to himself when he first wakes up...even if it is at 4:17 AM!
  • Loves to eat from a spoon...hated the cereal at first, but we started mixing it with bananas and it's a big hit!

  • Smiles all the time...she has a sweetest smile and it just makes you want to pick her up immediately.
  • When she gets excited, she flails her arms and legs all over the place. When you go to her crib to pick her up, she curls her legs up to her chest and will let you pick her up like a little pill bug. Either that or she'll then straighten her legs and "stand" on your chest while you pick her up.
  • When she doesn't want to get dressed, she will curl herself so tightly that you have to pry her apart...she loves to be noody!
  • Talks to Bill all the time...she won't talk to me so much (don't know why, but am a little insulted), but loves talking to her Daddy.
  • Loves to eat from a spoon...she's had more practice than her brother b/c she started when he was sick over Christmas. When you get the spoon really close to her mouth, she'll shake her head back and forth until you get the spoon in her mouth. Then she'll very delicately take her bib and wipe her own mouth.
  • Wants so badly to sit up...I swear, she's going to have abs of steel from trying to sit up.
  • She is getting really good at rolling from front to back...not an everyday thing yet, but she does it more than her brother. She also loves to hug stuffed animals and roll to her side...too cute!
  • We've (I've...Bill thinks I'm nuts) started to give Hailey a mohawk after her can kind of see it in the picture above. I'm addicted to it and I don't know why! Maybe there's just something about seeing a bad-ass hair-do on a baby...I dunno!