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Sunday, January 25, 2009


It's a tricky subject! Please bear in mind that all that I have written is my own personal opinion and I don't need advice on which to choose...I just wanted to document our decision-making process.

Bill is Catholic...raised Catholic, went to Catholic school, went to church every week, honored the holy days...all that jazz. He knows all of the sacraments, all ten commandments, the words to say at certain times during the Mass, and really understands all of the religious aspects that I don't get so much.

I was baptized Catholic, but raised Methodist and kind of lost interest in my teens. My mother didn't make us go to church (which was fine by us) and I think that the three of us came out of our childhood with a basic understanding of religion, but no real commitment to going to church every Sunday. We figure that we can be spiritual without going to church every week. All three of us have very different views on brother doesn't believe in it at all. My sister and I are in the undecided category...she went further than I did in her religious education (I believe she was actually confirmed), but she doesn't really get into it at this point in her life. I'm not really sure where I stand. I guess that I believe that you can be spiritual and have good values without going to church every week...I don't think that God will cast you down if you don't attend every week, but there is also a certain comfort that I feel when we go.

Now that we have kids, we would like to have an affiliation with a church, instill good religious values in our kids, and give them a place to meet people. So, the big question is Catholic? Or Methodist?

I feel more comfortable in a Methodist's very free flowing, people laugh, everyone is so nice, and I don't ever feel like I'm getting in trouble. When I go to a Catholic church, I feel like an idiot. I never know what to say, when to stand, when the cross myself, and I feel that they are constantly preaching about the sins that you are committing rather than the joy of life.

Bill feels more comfortable in a Catholic church...makes sense...he's used to it, knows what's coming next, understands get what you know.

When it comes to your kids, you think about things differently. I remember the Catholic kids talking about their CCD classes and thinking they were so cool. I remember thinking that they were in this whole different bracket of society b/c they were Catholic. I remember wanting to go to their religion classes...not because I was interested (b/c truthfully, I wanted to sleep Sunday mornings away), but because I would be able to hang out with them. Does this make me a loser? Wanting to go to religion classes to hang out with the "cool" kids? Yeah...I think so.

We've made our decision...we're going to start taking the steps to make this happen...we're comfortable. The question: Has anyone else had to face this issue? If so, how did you make your decision? Just curious...