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Friday, January 30, 2009

We Don't Get This At All...

This happens every single time...could he already have anger issues?

14 Kids? Seriously?

Okay, I get the fact that she didn't want to do selective reduction, but why have that many implanted at the same time? IDK...I wasn't going to post about it, but my infertile side is coming out. It just doesn't seem right...something isn't right about this.

Here are my evil thoughts:
  • Why is it fair for her to have 14 kids and some to have none?
  • Is she equipped to handle 14 kids? She lives with her parents already and apparently there hasn't been a father in sight...what's up with that?
  • Is she going for her own reality show?
  • What RE in his/her right mind would actually implant that many embryos? I know that the final decision is left up to the patient (which is a little scary in itself), but come on...should there be some regulations put on this? Or should the patient continue to call her own shots? I'm torn about this one too. I don't want to take away patients' rights, but there needs to be some sort of "norm" for a situation when a patient asks for something that is not medically sound...for herself and the babies. Then again, in a case like this, where everyone is doing seems medically sound.
Here are my good thoughts:
  • If this woman wanted 14 kids...more power to her. It's her choice and while I could never do it, she needs to live with her choice.
  • It is scientifically amazing that all of those embryos took and she was able to carry them to viability.
I don't know...I'm really torn about this. It bothers me that she lives with her parents (and why wouldn't she? Taking care of 6 kids is hard...taking care of 14? Who is she going to move in with next?). It bothers me that we haven't heard about a father. What does she do to make money to support all of those kids? I guess the whole thing is a little unnerving for me since I went through IVF...when is enough enough?