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Monday, February 2, 2009

I Hate Babies R Us...

Wasn't that a mature title? Okay, here's the story...

Disclaimer: I'm not saying that I'm not to blame. I have held on to this stuff way longer than I should have. I get it...I just wish that there was decent customer service left somewhere in the world!

The babies took a short nap this afternoon (enough to allow me to eat lunch...thanks kids!), so I decided that we should take the 1/2 hour trip to Babies R Us so that I can return some things. I loaded us all into the car along with the bag of stuff that I needed to return. We started off on our "adventure" (that's what I call them for the kids) and it was a perfect day to do it. The weather was clear and it was about 50 degrees...can't ask for more when taking twins outside!

We get there, everyone gets unloaded, and I hang the bag of stuff over the handlebars for the stroller. I walk in and instantly get a bad feeling...I don't know why, but that place just bugs me. It has ever since we went in to look for baby stuff the very first time...I really don't get it. Anyway, I get to the customer service desk and greet the woman (I was much nicer than she was, but then again, I wanted something). I tell her that I have several items to return and I have receipts for some and not for others, but they were on my registry. She takes one look at the receipts that I DO have and tells me that she can't take that stuff because it's been longer than 90 days. Okay...well, do you still carry that item in the store? We carry this (a bottle starter set), but not the clothing. Fine...I could eat the clothing...I could always give it away to someone else. What about the rest of this? I can't take it because you don't have a receipt. Well, it was on my registry. Has it been more than 90 days past your due date? Yes. Then we can't take these items either. Why not? You still carry these items in your store, right? Yes, but we can't take anything past 90 days. So, you can't take any of this? Nope. When did this policy take effect? It's been posted for a while now. Can I please speak to a manager?

Now, I really feel that I kept my composure b/c it's not this girl's fault that the policy is weird. I guess that I was hoping that someone would take a look at the fact that I had two babies and it probably hasn't been easy for me to heft all of this shit into the store within 90 days of my due wasn't easy for me to take a crap within 90 days of my due date much less worry about returning things to the store! Okay, fine...I just want to make sure that someone knows about my unhappiness (you know...because they give a shit) and I vow not to take it out on these people...they're just enforcing the policy.

Manager comes out and I let her know that due to their inflexibility, they just lost a customer forever...I'm serious. There are so many options for consumers these days that I will just shop elsewhere. I know that I could have had someone return this stuff for's not their fault that I couldn't move for the last 3 months of my pregnancy, didn't drive for the last 6 weeks, and had some trouble getting the twins out within 90 days of my due date. It's just that they still carry the exact same items...all I wanted was a store credit...I was going to turn around and spend the money in their store...what are they losing??? The manager nodded, gave me a blank stare, and said okay. Thanks a lot asshole...

Anyway, now I have options. I am definitely going to contact their corporate headquarters and express my displeasure (new moms have a lot going on without trying to keep track of receipts, when things were bought, and how long they've been sitting in their house). I think that if the item is something that they still carry in their store, they should issue store credit. I could try to go to another Babies R Us and try another story (I'll go in without the kids this time and tell them that I'm returning them for a friend). I could try to sell the stuff online.

I guess that my displeasure isn't with the customer service lady or the store manager. I have a little frustration with myself, however I'm not going to let that eat me up. It's just that when so many companies are going under, you'd think that the companies that are still doing well would be smart enough to try to hold onto their customers...let's all try some decent customer service, huh? I was polite. I did not lose my temper. I did not blame anyone. I just wanted a store credit and they could put my items back on their shelves. That's my rant for the day...have you ever stopped shopping at a store b/c of bad customer service or policies?

Also, isn't Babies R Us kind of a monopoly? They have pregnant women right where they want them.

It amazes me that...

  • One of my kids can wake up from a nap after a mere 15 minutes and I can still be happy to see him/her.
  • Even when the kids are screaming bloody murder, they can take a nanosecond to smile and suddenly I am able to handle it.
  • I can be so tired in the morning when they're trying to get up at 5:30 AM, but I can be singing the ABC's 15 minutes later over pureed bananas and cereal - and I'm happy!
  • My husband gets up with the babies every single morning, changes their diapers, and brings them both into our bedroom to wake me up...they're an armful too!
  • Matthew constantly wants to play with Hailey...she's not into it yet, but it's going to be great when she is.
  • These two babies, who were conceived at the same time, grew in my at the same time, and were born one minute apart, are soooo different.
  • Matthew will fight going to sleep until I hold his arms down for 120 seconds. Then he's OUT! I don't have to do this every time, but I'm still amazed that it works.
  • Hailey fights the swaddle so much (she's a strong little girl), but she still needs it b/c if she's not in it, she'll rub her eyes and that will keep her awake.
  • How much they love Elmo...what is it with that guy?
  • They wake up happy...when they were first born, I remember wondering if that was ever going to occur. Now it does on a regular's the best!
  • How much I love them.
  • How much they love us.
  • That it actually has gotten easier.
  • That this happened for us after everything...we are very lucky!