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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Okay...I'm better today...or am I?

I still hate Babies R Us, but I'm getting over. No use getting hung up on it.

I don't know why, but lately I feel like no one wants to be around me. I think it's because I am not as socially active as I used to be. Having newborns in the winter is tough b/c you can't really get out of the house as much as you'd like. I see my friends every now and then, but I wish I had something more concrete. Plus, no one really has kids my age in my friend circle. They're all older and that's tough b/c while I want to hang on to our routine, I'd also like to get out, but our schedule is all different from other kids'. Ahhh...I'll figure it out...

Truth be told, I'd really like to live closer to my sister...not geographically b/c she lives in Boston (yuch...hate the winter), but we need to be closer. We can't figure this whole thing out. We've been talking about it for ages with no end in sight. With us in Maryland and she and her husband in Boston, it's rough...we can't even do day trips. Anyway, that's what I've been down about lately. I know I have friends and they're wonderful...I guess I didn't realize how hard being away from family was going to be until I had kids. There's so much that I want to share on a daily basis and I want to be a bigger part of their lives too. I think that's what been getting me down.

I also wish that I lived in a neighborhood that was more neighborly. Not to say that I don't have great neighbors b/c they are really's just that they've all lived here since the development was created in the 1970's and they're quite a bit older than us. I wish I had some people that were more like me. I think that when I start the Mommy and Me swim and start going to the gym during the day (I think I'll be comfortable enough to have the day care watch the kids for an hour when they're 6 months old), I might meet some people around here. I'm also going to start a My Gym in March if we can swing it.

Now, let's be real here...I was fine yesterday when it was sunny at 50 degrees...I think I have SAD.

What am I happy about today? Hailey actually jumped in the Jumperoo!!! We've had it set up since the beginning of January, but they didn't really know what to do. They would just sit in it and look out the window. This morning, I put Hailey in it not really expecting much, but she started looking at all of the things and then she started to jump! It was so exciting!!! I don't know if she was enjoying it or if she was confused...I took a video, but I don't know how to upload them yet...need to have Bill teach me that!