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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Hailey tried the sippy cup!

Hailey got up early from her nap today...Matt is still sleeping, so he missed out on all of the action. I know it's a little early to let them try sippy cups, but it's the dead of winter, it's 21 degrees out, and I'm freaking bored!!! So, I put it in front of her and took this picture.

Then I tried to get her to suck the water out and took this picture. No luck...she didn't really know what to do and wanted to use it as a teething toy.

Then I took the rubber part out that makes it a "no-spill" cup and took this one...gee, I think this was a little easier for her!

I think she liked startled her a little bit at first, but she kept going back for more. I won't let them have these all the time b/c they really can't have that much water yet, but it's just sooo cute! Notice the one really big water drop on her chin...