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Thursday, February 12, 2009

I Love Nice Weather In February

I can't believe how nice it's been...that's why I haven't been blogging. It is amazing that we hit 71 yesterday in FEBRUARY!!! I love it and really needed it. We have been extra busy this week b/c of the nice temperatures.

On Monday, we went to story time at the local library. Like I mentioned in the last post, they were great except for Matt falling and hitting his head...he's fine.

On Tuesday, we didn't have anything planned, but we did make it out for a very long BundleMe's or anything! It was heaven.

On Wednesday, we went to a trial class at My Gym. I liked it and so did the kids, but I think I need to wait a little least until they can sit up without my support. They're almost there, but not quite. I also think it'll take them a little while to get used to doing everything. The assistant was great and took Hailey for most of the songs and activities. It was also a little long for them...Matthew fell apart toward the end of the session. He was hysterical in the beginning though. Everyone gets together at first and hangs out in the circle and Matthew seriously thought everyone was there to see him. He was showing off, standing up, smiling, laughing, talking...he was really hamming it up. When he realized that the class was not all about him, I think he got a little grumpy.

Today, we drove into Baltimore so I could visit a friend and we met at her local library. There was a great music class there (so crowded, but not overwhelmingly so). The kids did well...Matt fell apart at some points, but again, I think it's because he realized he is not the only baby I have to take care of. Hailey did great. There was a part at the end where we had to walk around and a woman offered to help me out with Hailey...thank God for the kindness of strangers!

Tomorrow, I have a playgroup with my friends from where I used to teach and that's about it. I am completely exhausted from our busy week. I forget that not only is it mental (gotta think about where we're going, if the kids are going to like it, if I fed them enough, if I made a BIG mistake waking them from their naps, where should I park, I'm starving, etc.), but it's also very physical. Whether they're in their carriers or not, they're getting heavy and I think I'm going to be quite buff by the time this is over! It was a great week though and I'm not looking forward to the cold temps creeping back in! Gotta go give bottles now...Hailey is demanding!