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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Whoa! It's been a while!

I haven't posted in a while (for me)! We've been BUSY and as a result, we're all sick except for Bill! Alright, so I may have overdone it last week when it was nice out. We were all so exhausted by Friday afternoon that the kids slept for 2.5 hours! They never do that!

My Mom came this weekend to help out. I had a great weekend thanks to Bill being so sweet and my Mom being here. On Saturday, I went for a facial as my Valentine's Day was so great. Turns out the woman who did it also has B/G twins - hers are 5 years old. It was nice to talk to someone else who had actually been through it. By the time I got home from that, my Mom was already here and the twins were being fed bottles. Apparently when she got to the house, the kids smiled for like a millisecond at her and then burst into sobs...the only way to get them calmed down was bottles. By the end of the weekend, they were fine though. My Mom and I went shopping and got manicures on Sunday...I actually feel like a woman, got black pants that fit me, and a sexy shirt! I know that watching the babies was tiring for Bill...I think he's a little nervous for me to go to my sister's house in March. He'll be fine though...especially with him mother coming here to help him. It's tough matter how you slice it!

We tried the babies on solids around lunchtime too, but I think it was too much. They weren't eating their bottles (Hailey was barely taking an ounce), so we backed it back down to breakfast and dinner times for solids. They are housing their food though. So far we've given them bananas, pears, apples, prunes, carrots, sweet potatoes (God, I just felt like Dan Quayle when I spelled potatoes without the "e"), squash, sweet peas, green beans, and many other varieties of the fruits and veggies mixed together. They love eating!!! The green beans are still a struggle, but I'm hoping that will get better. Their diapers have gotten more interesting too!

Bill and I went out on Sunday to one of our favorite steakhouses (thanks Mom for babysitting) and we got filet mignon, a nice bottle of wine, tuna tartar, and shrimp cocktail. Oh, and creme brulee for dessert - YUMMY!!! It was great and it's nice to know I still like my husband in a one-on-one situation. I may even like him more now since it was just us and we could actually TALK!!! It seems like when we're at home with the babies, we're just bracing for the next round. We could actually sit back, talk, laugh, make jokes, and be in the moment rather than preparing for the was really nice.

I got a cold on Friday and both babies ended up getting it. This is Hailey's first cold, so last night was a rough one. She really had to learn how to breathe without the use of her nose...poor thing. She made it though (so did we) and she does seem better today...we all do. I think we're going to start Kindermusik this week and swim lessons in March/April. We showed up 45 minutes late for our trial class b/c I read the time wrong (or not at all...whatever). The instructor was nice enough to stay for a little while and pull out some of the materials. I really liked it. Plus, they have a class on Saturdays so that Bill can go with us if he's available. He was into that. She also said that she would only charge for one child...BINGO! That's probably where she got me! It's hard to pay for two kids at the same gets really expensive, so any little bit of help is where you're going to get me!

That's really all that's going on (yeah...that's all, right?). It was great having my Mom here...she's a huge help and she really enjoyed the babies. I'll post more pictures tomorrow b/c they turn 6 months old - 6 MONTHS OLD!!! I can't believe it...I can't imagine my life without them.