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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Six Month Stats

Can you believe it? We're all still alive and very happy! Here's the latest:

  • Loves to talk...only to Daddy...she barely speaks to me. I'm still trying to figure this one out!
  • Smiles like crazy. She will laugh, but has to be having a LOT of fun. She loves to bounce on my knee...that can get her going if she's in the right mood.
  • She is rolling over every single time I get her on her tummy. No signs of crawling yet though.
  • Will sit if something is behind her. Doesn't really care to sit, but when she's not sitting, she's trying to sit. I know...that doesn't make sense, but it's true.
  • She can stand up by herself with only the assistance of my thumb (see picture).
  • Has recently realized that her brother does exist. She looks at him and really tries to communicate with her. Unfortunately, while this is happening, he's usually trying to claw her eyes out...oh, love...what would we do without it?
  • Hailey loves all sorts of fruits, but doesn't really like green beans.
  • Hates to fall down...she gets so pissed!
  • Found her feet!

  • Matthew is in the midst of moving backwards as he tries to crawl. It's hysterical and really frustrating for him when all he really wants to do is move forward.
  • He is a smiling fool.
  • He laughs a lot...laughs when he's bounced, when I wave hello to him from across the room, when I try to get the washcloth away from him, whenever...he's a pretty happy kid.
  • This boy is teething...BIG TIME!!! I don't know when the first one will pop through, but it will be interesting.
  • He loves to eat...he's eaten everything we've given him without much of a fuss...the carrots were the only thing he really gave us a big deal about (see video in previous post), but since then, he's done so well.
  • Has recently learned how to splash us in the bath...loves it.
  • Can lean on the toy piano and stand up by himself.
  • Is fascinated by his hands.