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Sunday, March 1, 2009

I just counted...

We went through 14 bibs yesterday. They wear bibs most of the day...for meals, bottles, and play time (thanks to drooling like crazy). That means that since they were awake for 12 hours, we used roughly a bib per child every two hours! Oh wait...take out about 3 hours for naps and that's roughly 1.5 bibs per hour for both...or .77 bibs per child per hour. YIKES!!!

Okay, so how many diapers did we use? Fourteen! That must be my magic number! I can't even imagine how many wipes we used...I use those for a lot of things (poopy clean ups which has increase substantially since we started baby foods, boogie wipes for those dry and crusty lovelies, hand wipes, spit up wipes, carpet name it, I can use a wipe on it)!

I wonder how many jars of food we went through. We fed them cereal at all three meals. They finished 3.5 jars at breakfast, 3.5 at lunch, and 3 at dinner. So, that's a grand total of 10 jars of baby food plus cereal plus formula! Bet you thought I'd somehow get it to be fourteen...I'm not that OCD! It's crazy around here! I just wanted to get those numbers down so that I could remember them.

I was going to tally up how much money this cost us per day, but I can't bring myself to do that right now. I will someday, but it just hurts a little right now. What do you use a lot of?