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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Do We Really Appreciate Modern Technology?

I heard a comic on a radio show yesterday (Louie CK - I think, on the Opie and An.thony Show). He was talking about how all of the amazing technology that we have in our generation is completely lost because we're too spoiled to really appreciate it. Here were some of his examples and some of the examples that I came up with while listening:
  • How ticked off we get when our cell phone goes dead or isn't getting reception...IT'S GOING TO SPACE...GIVE IT A MINUTE!!!
  • How we used to have to stand next to the phone to talk or dial.
  • How we hated when people would have zeros in their phone number because it would take so long for a rotary phone to dial a zero.
  • How we had one phone in the house.
  • How there weren't answering machines, caller ID, *69, or any of those services. If we called someone and they weren't there, they'd never know we called...the horror!
  • You'd never know who was calling...if there was someone you really didn't want to talk to, you would have someone else answer or not answer at all.
  • When you got into your car, you couldn't talk to anyone.
  • When you got stranded, you had to wait for help rather than calling someone.
  • If someone called while you were on the phone, they'd get a busy signal and would have to call back until you were finished with your conversations...imagine wanting to talk to someone that badly that you would redial their number (on a rotary phone no less) over and over for more than a half and hour sometimes! That's true friendship!
  • You couldn't had to have actual conversations. (I'm totally guilty of this one)
  • We couldn't take a picture with our phone...we could beat someone over the head with it b/c it was so heavy, but take a video? Never!
  • People would have to trust each other...if you said you'd meet at the bar at 5:30, you had to believe that and you couldn't call to make sure b/c they person was on their way'd be calling their house and they're not there!
  • Your kids had to believe that you would actually remember to pick them up from practice/school/friend's house.

  • When we're waiting on the runway for our flight to take off and it's just a little too long...we get irritated, but think about it...YOU'RE FLYING THROUGH THE AIR IN A SEAT WITH THOUSANDS OF OTHER PEOPLE AT THE SAME TIME!!! If the pilot thinks you should wait for a bit, I'd trust him...he knows what he's doing.
  • Apparently some planes now have Internet...the comic was sitting on a flight one time and the Wifi went out and the guy next to him says, "this is bullshit." Really? It's bullshit that you're on a plane using your computer in a comfy chair just like you're at home? Bullshit??? Oh right...the chair probably doesn't go back enough, does it?
  • When flights are delayed or canceled, people get PISSED! What they fail to realize half the time is that the flights are being delayed or canceled to ensure their safety! Then they go up to bitch to the airline what avail?
  • People calling what happened with the plane landing in the Hudson a miracle...that was no miracle, my friends. Sully was trained for that and did his job perfectly.
Other technology

  • Before microwave ovens, we actually had to cook everything.
  • When there weren't digital cameras that showed our image instantly, we had to wait until we got the picture printed to see if they came out okay...we just crossed our fingers that everyone had their eyes open and was smiling in the same direction.
  • If you wanted to share pictures with your friends/family, you had to wait to get the prints and send them through the mail. Imagine that...not being able to email them, share them on, or
  • You had to hear songs on the radio or on a record couldn't just punch them up on your computer or phone or had to wait for it to be played on the radio.
  • If you were trying to remember an actor that was in a movie, you sat there and thought about it until it came to you. Now we just use imbd and are done with it.
So, this leads me to think that we are living in a time where there is a lack of trust, communication (real communication), thought, and patience. How sad! Don't get me wrong...I love all of this technology and now that I've had it, I probably couldn't live without it (drama, right?). We've given a lot up though in the meantime. Our kids won't know life before the Internet, cell phone, microwave, digital camera,'s amazing. Just food for thought. What do you think we take for granted in this age of technology?