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Monday, March 9, 2009

Right Around the Corner

Spring that is...we spent a great weekend outside and in the warm weather. It was the best. I think it was just what we needed to break the Winter blues (and we get them bad in this house)! We got so much done, but above and beyond that, we were motivated to get stuff done. Winter just ruins us!

Here's what I've been noticing about the kids lately:
  • We are no longer required to give constant entertainment during meals. The kids have found each other and love to entertain each other. It's great! Matthew is especially taken with Hailey...he smiles like crazy if she even glances in his direction. He laughs hysterically when she coughs - which we can't figure out.
  • The kids are great at sitting up. They love to sit on the floor and play with all of their toys. We have even been able to open more presents up from Christmas and they're interested in them!
  • They are eating like teenagers! Okay, maybe not that bad, but they're little piggies...that's for sure.
  • When Bill and I are able to concentrate on anything other than the kids, we get along better. I think that the last 6 months have been all about the kids to the point where we forgot about other things. When we were out in the yard this weekend working together to get things cleaned up, it was great because for a little while, our lives were about something else and that's fine! It doesn't have to be about the kids all of the time! It is also getting easier with them now that they're older and they don't need us so much. That beginning part was really hard!
  • We went to the park and put the kids in the swings...they loved it. Okay, Matthew loved it and Hailey tolerated it. She was exhausted. Here is the picture from our day in the park!

Today we're off to Kindermusik and I'm tutoring 4 kids tonight...4 hours in a row, but that's okay. It's money. How was YOUR weekend?