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Tuesday, March 17, 2009


These two have finally found each other. No longer am I the main feature for entertainment at meals...they entertain each other and it is hysterical.

Matthew loves it when Hailey looks at could be just a glance for a second, but he squeals and gets all excited. He thinks it's funny when she coughs or sneezes. If she makes a noise, he is dumbfounded and just stares at her agape.

Hailey looks at Matthew like he's crazy half the time. She thinks it is amusing when he has food all over his face and when he smiles at her.

When they are sitting on the floor playing together, they are actually pretty good at not snatching each other's toys away. I know this won't last forever, but it's cute right now. Whenever they are right next to each other, they are always reaching out for each other and trying to "help" the other one in some way or form - whether they need it or not! Matthew has developed the habit of accidentally pulling Hailey's hair to which she answers with a scream, but other than that, no incidents really stick out.

When they wake up in the morning, they love to have conversations and "talk" to each other. This usually occurs at 5 AM, so Bill or I go in to encourage more sleep. It is cute though...I just wish it happened at 8:30!

Yesterday, they were in the living room while I was eating breakfast. Hailey was in the jumperoo and Matthew was in the exersaucer. They were going back and forth with their babbling while busying themselves with the apparatus. It was the most adorable sound and one that, for a time in my life, I never thought I would hear. I am so happy!

Eating, eating, and more eating

I feel like I'm constantly feeding the babies. They're eating everything in sight and love new tastes. I hope that I'm doing everything right though...I haven't really researched what I should be doing...I'm just doing what feels right. Here's how our day usually goes:

Breakfast - cereal for each baby with some fruit mixed in, split the remainder of that jar, and have at least one more jar each on their own.
Bottle - They only take about 3-4 ounces at this bottle...I get nervous that they're not getting enough fluids.
Wake-up - depending on what time it is, I either give them a bottle or skip ahead to lunch.
Lunch - one jar of vegetable with pasta/rice, one more jar of vegetable, one jar of fruit (for each baby).
Bottle - if I can slip it in before their next nap.
Cap-nap before dinner (this doesn't happen every night)
Dinner - one jar of vegetable with pasta/rice, one jar of vegetable, one yobaby yogurt, maybe a jar of fruit (split)

It's a hectic routine and I always feel like I'm throwing food down their throat or trying to force one more bottle. Their bowels have been okay...Hailey is a little constipated lately, but isn't really interested in the bottle. I've tried introducing the sippy cups and while they love to chew on them, drinking out of them doesn't really get them at all. Hailey does like to drink out of my cup though...she'll grab it with both hands, put her mouth where it's supposed to be, and I'll tip the cup...she really goes for it! Who knows? There is this one book that I borrowed from a friend (Bill read it...I still haven't have the time) that says they're still supposed to be drinking up to 32 ounces a day! How the hell am I supposed to get that in them?? Ahh...enough stressing...what do you think?

Happy St. Patrick's Day

God, I remember when this day was all about the bars I would frequent and how in the world I would get up for work the next morning! I have anything green to wear??? Now, I'm just hoping that this rainy St. Patrick's Day will be spent inside my house getting rid of baby colds!!! I wonder if I'll change into anything but sweats today! Oh, how things change.

I'm not sure where I've been with this blogging thing. I seem to have taken some time off (unintentionally), but I am back. So much has been going on and I have been having so much fun with the babies that I have neglected my duties as a blogger (at least as I have laid them out in my own mind). I must be more diligent.

I am going to catch up, but I'll do it in small little snippets so that reading them will be bearable. I hope everyone else is doing well and really enjoys this St. Patrick's Day!