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Thursday, March 19, 2009

7 Months (yesterday...okay, I started the day after, but now it's like 5 days after...horrible mother)

Can you believe it? Seven months have gone by...this time seven months ago, I was laying (lying? IDK...always get those confused) in a hospital bed, desperately trying to breastfeed my babies, wondering what the hell I got myself into! Now, I love my life and couldn't imagine it any differently! These two little bundles of poop have wormed their way into my heart and have changed me from new Mom who didn't have a fucking clue what she was doing to semi-pro Mom who can handle poop falling from her son's back (onto the blanket that we use for playing) and having to quickly pick it up so that he wouldn't lay/lie (can you tell I have a problem with that?) back into it with no problem...gross! Here is what they are capable of now:


  • "Talks" all the time. She doesn't babble as much as I'd like to me or her Dad, but she babbles to herself and to Matthew when we're not in the room.
  • Loves to sit by herself.
  • Plays with her feet all the time.
  • When she is in the bouncy, she pulls her feet up and rests them on the top of the part with lights (don't have a picture yet, but intend on getting one). She's a little gymnast.
  • Is a daredevil...will reach for things that are completely out of her reach and thinks it's hysterical when she falls down getting them. That is until she realizes that she has his her head and that it hurt!
  • Gets so pissed off when Matthew tries to touch her or put his arm around her. Granted, he can get a little rough when he goes for the face, but she screams most times that he tries anything.
  • Love our dog, Brie.
  • Gives kisses now...wet sloppy kisses and they're awesome!
  • She is still waking up at night (not every night, but most) and all she needs is her binky back...she then thumps her legs on the mattress twice, turns her head to the left, and she's out. While it is annoying to have to get out of bed, at least she goes back to sleep, and it is quite adorable to see her little soothing ritual.
  • Smiles a lot us. If you're a stranger, you really gotta work for it!

  • Sits up unassisted like a champ!
  • Loves to try to hug Hailey...although she hates it.
  • Sleeps with Louie...his lovey.
  • Talks in his's kind of freaky, but adorable at the same time.
  • Eats like a pig...I really can't believe how much this kid can put down and his belly is definitely showing all of this hard work!
  • Loves to go for walks...looks around the whole time just taking it all in.
  • Rubs the back of my neck when I'm taking him up for a nap.
  • Checks himself out in the mirror all the time (just like his Daddy).
  • Grabs the spoon to signify that he's done eating.
  • Started to love sitting so much that he stopped standing for a little while. We'd pick him up and he'd just keep his legs in the sitting position!
  • Still smiles like crazy!
They are awesome and I love them more every day.