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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Weekend Fun

I was able to get away this weekend and visit my sister in Boston! This is the first time that I have stayed overnight anywhere since being in the hospital (and what a vacation that was, right?)! It was such a fun's a synopsis of our activities:

  • Arrive in Boston and get picked up by my sister after she circled Logan Airport about 15 times!
  • Get to see her new it!
  • Get pedicures...first one of the season!
  • Have some wine before dinner.
  • Get sushi - we went with her husband and we had a great time...yummy food and free fried ice cream! I don't know why I always expect it to be hot!
  • Go to bed...late night...haven't had that in a while.
  • After I fall asleep, I inexplicably wake up at 4:30, 6:29, 7:30, and finally much for getting a good night's sleep!
  • Saturday morning - wake up and hang out in the living room...I sat on the couch the whole time (rather than the floor with blocks) and did not sing the ABCs once!
  • My mom got there and we talked for a while.
  • My sister's husband went to NY...I don't think he could have handled us all weekend!
  • All three of us went for a nice long walk.
  • Went shopping...for hours...with no particular reason or objective. I carried only a purse/pocketbook (I'm never sure what I want to call it) and kept looking around for my I had left them somewhere.
  • We went back to her house and had some crackers and yummy cheese.
  • We went out to dinner. It was so good...I had a grown up cocktail and didn't worry about how it would make me feel in the morning!
  • Stayed up late talking...the best!
  • Today I woke up and came back to MD.
I missed the babies and my husband a ton! I kept looking at the time thinking about what we would be doing if I were at home. It was weird, but still really good for me to get away for a while. My MIL came to help Bill with the babies...I think he could have handled it by himself, but it's always nice to have a helping hand...or two! She loved spending time with the kids, so it was a good weekend for them too!

Just wanted to write a quick update b/c now I'm so tired I can hardly move! I think we're going to move our Kindermusik classes to Saturdays so that Bill can go with's just a little difficult with two babies when I go by myself. This will be a lot less stressful and Bill can be involved. That's all for now...gotta help Bill put the groceries away. I have the best husband!!! He went grocery shopping!