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Saturday, March 28, 2009

A Quickie...

No, not like that...perverts! Just a few quick thoughts...

  • Kindermusik is sooooo much easier now that we're going on the weekends and Bill can take one of them. What was I thinking?
  • The people who are in charge of packaging children's toys have serious issues. It was like a work-out just getting those things out of the outer layer. Not to mention the twist ties and the screws (seriously? screws?) that hold them on the next layer of cardboard.
  • I love the weekends. I love having Bill home and I can't believe that it's already half gone! Too fast!!!
  • We have no idea what to do with the stuff that we used when the babies were really really young. What do you do with it all? We're seriously running out of storage!
That's all...hope everyone is having a great weekend!