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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Ahhh...the life of my babies

"Do you think this is the only reason they had us?"

Just a couple of quick updates...Hailey does not want her bottle any more. She doesn't want to drink period. I hope this is just related to teething...they say that babies can dismiss the bottle b/c sucking on it hurts their's hoping. Anyway, I am keeping track of her liquid and food intake and if it gets any worse, I'm going to have to call the doctor...again.

Hailey LOVES jumping. Not only does she get it in the jumperoo, but now when she's on your lap, she bends her knees and shoots herself right up so that you have to lift her. She loves is all she wants. I'm going to have to warn people though b/c she's pretty hard to handle when she does that. She also is fascinated with ceilings and light fixtures, so she spends half of her time in my arms bent over backwards to see what is happening above her. It's pretty amusing. I think we've almost broken her of the swaddle too.

Matthew is rolling over onto his stomach every chance he can get. He was been doing it in his sleep and waking up hysterical (nice to wake up to at 2:30 AM). So, we were going in and flipping him back over and he'd fall right back to sleep. This morning Bill wakes me up b/c he was leaving for work and said that I might want to go see Matt b/c he had actually flipped himself, but then slept on his stomach for some period of time. What a big boy! So, that's good...he still can't roll himself back onto his back, but we'll work on that. I don't know why...he was able to when he was younger.

My Kindle comes today...I am so frigging excited!!!