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Friday, April 3, 2009

Great Mother's Day Ideas

So, I was checking through some blogs and came across this one called Multiples and More. It's really geared toward what I need, so I check it out further and they're doing a giveaway from a great website. Here is the link to magpiedesignz...such cute ideas for Mother's Day and since I'm posting about it, I think I get extra entries into their giveaway...totally shameless...what can I say? Here are two of my faves:
(Since I can't hint to the babies, maybe my husband will pick up on this...if he even reads the blog anymore! LOL!!!)

Kindle and Big Tub

Okay, first my impressions of the Kindle. I freaking love it!!! It's the best gift and I am getting sucked in by reading all...the...time! I have to make myself do things around the house and for the kids before I use my Kindle. I have to use it as a's a sickness. I really see myself reading a lot more now that I have it b/c I can use it anywhere. I've been carrying it around like I carry my cell phone around. The deadliest combination would be if they installed Facebook on it...then I'd be like an addict. The only way I can describe it is that it's like crack for readers...once you get started, you can't stop! Okay, enough selling the get it, I'm sure!

Now on to the big tub!!! We used it for the first time last night...well, that's not exactly true. The first time we tried to use it, the kids could barely sit by themselves. We thought it would be fine as long as we supported them, but that didn't work too well either. At one point, Matthew was crying so loud that Bill and I could barely communicate and Hailey was slowly slipping to the point where half of her head was under the water. I'm holding them both above the water (barely) and Bill is frantically undressing behind me so that he can get in the tub with was a mess to say the least.

Not last night...we got smart and put one of those rubber mats in the bottom of the tub (I know...genius, right?) and they can actually sit on their own now (big difference). They really liked it. Matt was still a little freaked out, but Hailey really got into it! They loved to splash and play with their toys. They loved to look at each other to see the other's was awesome. This was the perfect age to put them in there and I think we can say good-bye to the baths on the counter. That little tub served us well, but it's time to move on! Here are some pictures!

Today is pretty blah...raining like crazy and dark! I hate to put the lights on during the day, but sometimes you have no choice! I wanted to get to the mall today (don't know if that will actually happen with two babies that eat all of the time and no rain guard for the stroller) to get some dresses. I need one for the baptism and for my brother in law's graduation...more on that later. That's going to be our first overnight trip...interesting preparation for that one! Have a good day!!!