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Sunday, April 5, 2009

CIO...Hailey misses us in the middle of the night!

So, we've been having this issue with the kids...mostly Hailey in the middle of the night. They have been crying for no apparent reason. Sometimes it's in their sleep. Sometimes they're wide awake. Sometimes they're inconsolable. Again, more Hailey than Matt. Somehow he (and his father) manage to sleep right through her screaming and yelling and talking! It's been so frustrating and Friday night, Hailey woke up just about every house...exhausting!

Last night, I told Bill that if it happened again, I was going to try letting her cry it out...the Ferber method (or some rendition of that since I've never actually done a lot of research on Ferber). She started at 10:30 - crying. I went in and gave her her pacifier, wrapped her up (loosely, we're off of the swaddle), told her I loved her and left the room. I set the stopwatch on my phone and read for 5 minutes while she continued to cry. I went back in after 5 minutes and did the same thing...told her I loved her and that it was time to go to sleep and left the room. Bill was so pissed at me b/c he was just falling to sleep, but I'd rather do it on the weekend rather than a worknight for him. Trust's for his own sake! I set my stopwatch and read for another 10 minutes. I went back in, did the routine, told her I loved her, told her that it was time to go to sleep, and left the room. I set my stopwatch (expecting to have to go back in there in 15 minutes), but all was quiet. I waited out the 15 minutes anyway and then went to bed. We didn't have to wake back up until 4 AM when Matthew had cried out...he was fine, but we like to check if he's wet through...he's a pisser that one!

I can't believe it worked...I mean, I can believe it b/c it's worked for many people that I know, but hopefully she's learning. She gets totally psyched when we go in there and she really knows how to play us. The doctor said that they start to get into habits around 6 months and that is a really bad habit, so we've got to break it now. That's my update...can't wait to enjoy this beautiful day! It's already 56 degrees and it's only 11:00! I can't wait!