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Saturday, April 11, 2009

No Time To Say Hello, Goodbye...

I'm late! I'm late! I'm late!

That's how I have been feeling lately. There is so much to do, but I just can't get it all done! We have a very exciting few weeks here and I can't wait for everything. With activity comes a good amount of hassle, but I've come to expect that! There's nothing I can do about it, right?

Today is a nothing day. Kindermusik was canceled b/c of Spring Break. Tomorrow we're going to try to go to the early services at church (always a challenge) so we can get home and start dinner. We're having friends over for dinner - they're moving to Florida at the end of the month, so we wanted to hang out for a little while. They're bringing over their, fun, fun! Babies everywhere! Then two more of my friends may stop by later on for drinks with their kids...that's 3 more kids under the age of 4! Mayhem!!! I am really looking forward to it though...I just wish that our house was a little bit bigger!!!

We wanted to get our beds out front planted before the baptism next weekend, but with all of this rain, it doesn't look like it's getting done. I had an expert come over and help me plan them out...thank God! I know nothing and she knows would have looked like crap if left to me alone. Bill's always bitching at me to have a plan and she rescued me. Her plans are amazingly detailed and we know exactly what to do! Thank you my gardening architect! I don't know what I would do without you!

So, the baptism is next weekend...very exciting! It's the first big event for the twins and I'm really looking foward to seeing everyone and having them be the center of attention. My Mom is flying in on Friday...gotta pick her up from the airport. My sister and probably a bunch of other people are coming in on Saturday. Sunday is the big event and then we're hosting a brunch for all of our out of town people! We're having it at a restaurant b/c our house couldn't hold all of those people! I'm a little nervous b/c our grandmothers are coming to the baptism and that makes me nervous b/c they are older and need assistance. I know that my Dad and Bill's Mom will take care of it, but it's something else that I keep my eye on. I'm also a little nervous about the weather. My dress is pretty springy and I'm wearing open-toed shoes, so if it rains or if it's cold, I'm screwed! Oh well...sacrifice for beauty, right?

Bill is taking off on Monday for a 3 hour glucose test...pre-diabetic? We hope not. We're going to go to Kindermusik to make up a class...that should be fun. I'm also going to get a pedicure (hence the open-toed shoes)Then I have tutoring on Tuesday/Wednesday night. The cleaners are coming on Friday, so that means I have all of Thursday to stash shit all over my house so that it's in good shape for their cleaning! Then the fun starts!

So, it'll be a fun couple of weeks...I'm really looking forward to seeing everyone and to see how the kids react. Oh! I went to lunch with a friend and the babies sat in Paner.a for 1.5 hours with us and were so well behaved! We may actually be able to escape for an early dinner with them and enjoy it!!! We'll see...Happy Easter if I don't post. I'm sure I'll post though...I plan on taking some particularly embarrassing pictures of the babies that I'm set on sharing!