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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Quick Update...Baptism was successful!

Okay, so it's done. The first major event for our kids is done and in some ways I succeeded and in some ways, I failed.

I succeeded in getting the kids fed, bathed, and dressed in the morning. I succeeded in making it to the church in time without any spitup on my dress. I succeeded in making it through the service without anyone (mainly the babies, but you never know) shitting their pants uncontrollably. I succeeded in making it to the restaurant along with everyone else (which means that my directions were correct even though I had never been there) and making it through brunch with two babies that really didn't nap enough.

I failed in not taking enough pictures...I took two the entire day! I took one of the babies on the floor in their wasn't a good one though b/c they were wondering why everyone was staring at them. I took one of Hailey in the's adorable, but Matthew was too wiped by the end of the service. I didn't get any shots of the four of us as a family. I didn't get any grandparent shots. I didn't get any great-grandparent shots and both great grandmothers were from Philly and one from Long Island! I didn't get any God parent shots. I can't believe it! I am so good at taking pictures any other time (I sent out 171 pictures last night from the past month...what a loser) and I forget when it really counts. I am angry, but I have to dwell in the positive.

The kids turned 8 months old on Saturday, so I do have their picture, but I will have to come back and post their new abilities some other time...gotta get in the shower. Lots to do today!!!

PS - Everyone was so great for taking the time to come down for the baptism. We are very lucky to have been able to have so many loved ones with us. It gets so nuts when you have little babies to take care of, but I really appreciate all that everyone did for us. Amazing!