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Friday, April 24, 2009

I leave them alone for 5 minutes! Oh crap...even if I'm with them, things happen!!!

So, the kids woke up from an afternoon nap. They were well-rested and I (like I have many times before) decided to put them into one crib and let them play for a little while. I went downstairs to finish whatever I was doing and make bottles. I usually leave the monitor on so I can hear if something major happens...they usually end up switching binkys and chewing on stuffed animals for a while, so it's no biggie. Then I hear Matthew wasn't a panicked cry, so I didn't rush. I finally get up there and this is what I see:
Look Mom! I pulled myself up! Isn't this cool???
Why do you look so worried? This is so much fun!!!
Don't I look like a big boy? I did it all by myself too! Why do you still look like this is a big deal? No big deal...I'm awesome!
I don't know, Mom. He doesn't listen to me at all. He thought it was great until he couldn't figure out how to get down...that's when you heard the crying. I would never do anything that stupid!
No do you get down?
That's should be proud of me...what do you mean "you have to lower my mattress?" How will I do this again? Can you help me get down? Don't blame know I don't listen to her...too reasonable.

So, I took him out of the crib to play on the floor (guess I thought that was safer) and take Hailey out too. She loves to play with the piano, so I was going to have some fun with her. She's so light that I can lift her so easily and she loves it...she's our little dare devil! So, I'm "flying" her down to the floor when she pushes off on me with her legs...she launches herself head first into the piano and I totally lose my grip. In a panic, I grab her sleeve so she won't land on top of the piano and she lands on the floor. She did smack her forehead on the piano, but no lasting damage was done. She was scared out of her mind (as was I) and crying really hard. I didn't put her down for a while needless to say. Things calmed down after that, but really! I can't leave them alone and apparently things don't get much better with me in the room!!! I don't know if I should share this much on the blog, but I'm sure it's happened to other people. It's just too weird/funny/ironic not to share!

8 Month Updates

So, I figured that it would make me a bad Mommy if I didn't at least acknowledge the babies' latest accomplishments.

Things both babies can do:
  • Feed themselves puffs.
  • Sit up on their own.
  • Stand well with assistance.
  • Take a bath in the big tub.
  • Sleep through the night (thank God).
  • Grasp most items in their reach...even if it involves using two hands.
  • Bounce like crazy in the Jumperoo.
  • Laugh out loud (Hailey was a little behind on this one, but she's catching up).
  • Hold their own bottles (although Hailey will gladly let you do this for her).
  • Throw, burp cloths, etc.
  • "Talk" to each other.
  • Smiles like crazy...she was on a boycott for the beginning of this month, but she's really coming around.
  • Grabbing your face and giving kisses.
  • Gives hugs now too...will pat your shoulder to reassure you that she loves you.
  • Is working really hard at turning pages in a book.
  • Kicks her legs like crazy on her tummy, but can't seem to get any motion but going in circles!
  • Is not into finger foods...gags like a bulimic every time anything with texture goes into her mouth.
  • Bounces on his butt like a spring until he bursts forward and lands on his face. He's getting better at getting his hands in front of him, but he's not 100%.
  • Can roll both ways.
  • Is using the ability to roll both ways as a substitute for trying to crawl. Even though I keep flipping him over (which he finds hysterical), he's just not that into crawling lately.
  • Can eat those apple wagon wheels like a madman...loves finger foods.
  • Loves to touch Hailey and she's actually allowing it lately.
The interaction at this point is amazing. They have "conversations" and really enjoy being around each other. The day of the baptism was probably the most they had been away from each other and Hailey was constantly looking for Matt. It was so cute! That's all that I can think of. I'm sure there's more, but I'm rushing to get into the shower (shocker) and my brain isn't fully functioning (what else is new?)! Have a good one!