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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

We Made It!!!

The kids did great on our trip! I was so nervous, but I'm glad that I was...I was well prepared!

On Friday, we left around noon. It was raining, so that sucked, but we were fine with that. We just decided that we would take it nice and slow and whatever happened, happened. We had to go with the flow. Before kids we weren't really "go with the flow" kind of people. We had things planned out and if they didn't go well, we were bitter and mad (more Bill than me, honestly). We're not like that anymore!

They slept for most of the way up to Lock's a 4 hour trip altogether, but we figured with stops, it would take us closer to 5. Bill masterfully packed the entire car with two strollers, one pack and play, and all of our bags (Hailey's clothes, Matthew's clothes, bath stuff, outdoor blanket, food, bib/bottles/washcloths, my clothes bag, my toiletries, and Bill's clothes...not to mention a bag for the dog...that's right, the dog came with us).

We had a BBQ Friday night at my BIL's was nice to just hang out and chill for a while. The babies were held by their Mom Mom and Aunt Christine. They loved it...especially when they would dance! It was also nice to remember college living and be thankful that I never have to live like that alone! What we considered as a good place to live looks a lot different as an adult! It's a wonder my parent ever left me at my college house :)

The babies had to go home and we gave them bottles. They didn't end up going down until after 9:30, but they went right down and slept all night. I woke up a lot that night, but I was just listening to the sounds of the babies...they're thumpers...they thump their legs when they have trouble sleeping, so there was a lot of that! No biggie though...I can handle that!

We woke up early the next morning and the babies were great again. They took their bottles and ate their food without incident. Matthew was spitting up as usual, but he didn't ruin his outfit (or ours) - probably because I didn't dress him until the last minute! I borrowed two single strollers from a friend and that helped out a lot. Bill could take one and I could take one! The babies didn't mind being split up. They handled the graduation ceremony well...each of them took a little nap during it and while Matthew had to be walked around for a little bit toward the end, they really enjoyed themselves!

After the ceremony, we went back to the hotel for lunch and bottles and a nap. We could all use a nap, but mine was not very restful...I kept getting scared that we wouldn't wake up! The babies babies! We took some pictures near the mighty Susquehanna River (right in my BIL's back yard! So much for a crappy college house...the scenery was great!) and then went to dinner at an Italian joint in State College. We fed the babies there...they were great. They love Cheerios now, so there were plenty of those...that will cut down on what we could have spent on Puffs! Hailey spent a lot of time gnawing on the table, but that was fine...she's teething like crazy!

Back to the hotel for me and the grandparents...I kind of missed being able to go out, but that's the price you pay for two more humans in your life. I told Bill to go out since he was unable to spend his brother's 21st birthday with him. Shit...truth be told, I was exhausted and wanted to go to bed as badly as the babies did! I was out by 10:15!

It was time to leave the next morning and we went out to breakfast with Bill's family. The babies were tired, but still well behaved...for all that we did this weekend and all of the naps they missed, they were real troopers! The trip home was very quiet...they slept a lot. We realized that they love the "spa" station on the XM radio...too funny!

So, our weekend was a success...I can't complain about a thing and I am very proud of our babies!