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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mmmmm...stomach virus...could life get any better?

So, Bill was sick last bed and sick - skipping the gym sick. His major symptoms were queasiness and loose bowels (isn't that a polite way of putting it?). He got better and I thought we were all done with that little bump in the road.

Tuesday night, I had a breakdown about weight and the fact that I thought I was fat. This stemmed from Bill saying that I walked the dog slower than him - although he said the reasoning for that was b/c I was usually on the phone. Either way, I took it as him saying that I was fat and slow...hellllooooo??? That makes no sense! So, I had a breakdown and we decided to put the gym off for a little bit and both take care of the kids for dinner/baths. Once we put the kids down, Bill thought I was going to the gym, but instead I went to bed...I felt like crap. I ended up throwing up that night around 8:00 and spending the entire night in bed (watching the Biggest Loser finale...3 hours???). I got up Wednesday and was okay...queasy, but made it through.

The kids took really long naps that day...we're talking two 1.5 hour naps! They never sleep that long! So, I had a feeling that whatever I had was what they were going to have. How can you avoid it? They're constantly sticking their fingers in my mouth, in each other's mouth, and everywhere else that is probably inappropriate to mention! Anywayyyy, Matthew wakes up at about 4:30 screaming...that's not good. I go up there to see him lying in a puddle of his own vomit. It was gross...I could barely keep from puking, but at that point, it wasn't about me. I picked him up and it was dripping off of him...he was freaking out b/c this had never happened to him before and it was still coming out of him! It's like he was the freaking Exorcist kid! Hailey was just laying in her bed like "what the hell is going on and why is my brother exploding???"

To make matters worse, Bill was on his way home from work and I was supposed to go tutor. Now the question was should I go to tutoring or stay home and help him? We decided that I could go and he would handle things here...he's a very good husband. Matthew ended up throwing up again during dinner and I think that Hailey did as well. They both went down for the night pretty easily though, so that seemed like a good sign. Bill was exhausted and I still didn't feel well, so when I got home, we were both in bed. Leave it to be this week to have all of the finales for the shows that I love...Lost took me all the way to eleven o'clock. Well, 10:40, Matthew woke up in a terror again having puked again all over his bed. So, Bill has to wake up, help me change the bed, change Matthew, get him calmed down, and then we could finally go back to bed.

Matthew woke up again at 4 AM and 5 AM, but didn't puke...I think he wasn't feeling well. Then I got up at 6 AM and puked myself. I am guessing that this was when Bill made the decision not to go to work today. He knew I'd need help. I spent most of the day in bed. Naps were totally off...they didn't sleep at the same time but for half an hour. Bill was constantly on duty. The babies seemed to be getting better. They held down breakfast and lunch and while they had loose stool, their personalities were fine (a little whiny) and they were functioning well. That is, until our afternoon bottle...neither would take it. Hailey was flat out refusing to even open her lips...I tried the sippy cup, holding her in my arms, holding her arms down (yeah...doesn't that border on extreme?)...she wouldn't take it. Finally, we gave in and put them in their chairs for dinner. We're not doing our normal meals right now...just cereal and fruit. Matthew took one bite of the cereal and gagged...okay, straight fruit for him. Hailey ate about half of the cereal which is pretty good for her...then it all changed.

Hailey gagged and proceeded to throw up all over her tray. A few minutes later, Matthew did the same was disgusting! So, dinner was a no-go. I decide to call the pediatrician to see if they should be brought in. At this point, they've been sick for over 24 hours and I'm getting a little nervous. Turns out, they should have been put on a clear liquid diet! Who knew? I'm thinking that we should keep feeding them food and formula b/c they're babies and I'm totally wrong! I feel like an idiot, but at least we know what to do. We're going to watch for signs of dehydration and just keep giving them small amounts of water...the next 24 hours should be so much fun, no?