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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Nine Months...that's 3/4 of a year!

  • Grunts and growls...a lot. She does this when she's mad at Matthew, but she also does it when she's talking to Bill and me. At the end of each growl, she blows out of a cute little "O" in her mouth. It's the cutest thing, but also the strangest thing.
  • She LOVES Cheerios, but doesn't really like anything else in terms of finger foods. We've been trying cheese, banana, pasta (she kind of likes pasta), and carrots (cooked and cut up of course), but she doesn't really go for it. She does take the time to try to hide the pieces of food though...that kind of cracks me up. She also will not allow me to feed her pieces of food...she gets all upset and covers her that's going to stop me from putting food in her mouth. I guess anatomy isn't her thing! I just remembered that she will also eat graham crackers. She eats them very slowly and methodically, but she will eat them.
  • Is a sucker for a lemon...she loves them. I am careful though b/c you're not supposed to give babies too much citrus (apparently the acid is a little much for them), but it's hysterical to watch her take a little taste, make a horrid face, and then go back for more punishment.
  • Makes kiss noises.
  • Is not interested in crawling at all...I'll put her on her tummy several times a day and she stays there for a few minutes and kicks her legs. Then she'll simply look at me, smile, and roll over! She'll want to move eventually, but for now, she has no interest!
  • Weight: 15 pounds and 15 ounces, Height: 26 inches, Head Circumference: 17 1/8 inches. She's doing just fine!

  • Is going to crawl any day now. He can't exactly get his legs underneath him...I think his thighs may be a little too chubby right now, but he can go backwards like no one's business!
  • When he's sitting on his bum, he is constantly trying to spring forward with his legs...they're in a triangle, so he looks like a little spring and just hops up and down until he goes forward. Then he's on his belly and just starts going backwards again! It's hysterical until he spring into the side of the crib (smack) or Hailey's head (wwwaaaaaahhhhh!!!). Then it's not so funny. Hey, at least he's getting better at putting his hands out. I guess a couple of time of face planting on the ground taught him that lesson!
  • LOVES any food that we put in front of him. He gobbles up Cheerios, cheese, cantaloupe, banana, graham cracker, and blueberries (crushed of course...he can't quite handle the skin yet). The only problem is that he loves it so much that he tried to shove everything in his mouth at one time and chokes himself! It's this a boy thing? It's amazing what he can fit in there and how he doesn't really care about the lack of oxygen thing!
  • Flips himself onto his tummy in bed. It's really cute when he falls asleep on his tummy b/c he looks so peaceful, but then he'll wake up in the middle of the night hysterical b/c he doesn't know what to do. He is able to flip himself onto his back, but I guess he can't access that skill in the middle of the night. We've found him many nights wailing against the side or the top of the crib.
  • Weight: 18 pounds 15 ounces, Height: 26 3/4 inches, Head Circumference: 18 inches...this kid has a big dome!
So, all is well. The pedi said not to worry about them coming off of the bottle. As long as they're eating all of their foods well and getting protein/dairy from their foods, she's not concerned. We had a brief conversation about starting milk...personally, I'm all for it. I was on milk at 9 months and it's good for them...why wait? So, Bill and I will discuss that further. I was encouraged by today's visit...I tend to worry a lot (kept me up last night), but I guess that's going to be the story for the rest of my life!